3 Wedding Band Trends For 2019 With Recommended Bands (Updated May 2020)

25 MARCH 2019
Blog post by Adam Southall
Estimated read time: 4 minutes

At FixTheMusic, we’ve noticed several trends for wedding bands that have developed over the last few years.

Gone are the days when an off-key vocalist would croon over dodgy backing tracks, blasting out Stevie Wonder and Abba (to do these two incredible artists no disrespect).

Wedding bands have become much more sophisticated and professional, offering a range of genres to a very high standard.

The best wedding bands will have invested time and money in high-quality promotional material as well as live videos which showcase exactly how the band will look and sound on your wedding day.

Wedding bands on FixTheMusic have public liability insurance and PAT tested equipment.

So without further ado, here are the 3 hottest trends for live wedding music in 2019, based on bookings on FixTheMusic and the huge diversity of professional cover bands on FixTheMusic.

1. Sax, DJ & Bongos

This trend has come straight from the Ibiza club scene and is primarily based on the genres of house music and modern pop. It’s an amazingly interactive experience as the saxophonist and bongo player can roam in between your guests on the dance floor.

Both the sax and the bongos will not require amplification, so it’s a combination that takes very little time to set up. Some cutting-edge groups of this king feature LED light-up sax and drums, adding the wow factor to your party.

Although this style is ideally suited to Ibiza-style house music, it’s also suitable for classic soul and funk.

You can read our blog post about this wedding music trend → DJ, sax and drums – the hottest trend in live music right now.

The following bands perform in this style: Glow Stix, Trapstars, Girls Of House, The Degrees and Fusion Girls.

Here's the 2020 live promo video for Fusion Girls...

2. 90s pop cover bands

As a 34-year-old, I can certainly vouch for being a child of the 90s, and fondly remember lava lamps, inflatable sofas, fluorescent clothing, tamagotchis and pogs, as well as the iconic, if sometimes kitschy, pop music of the time.

This was the era of Irish boy bands, American boy bands, grunge, Britpop from the Spice Girls to Oasis and Blur, and some memorable Eurodance club anthems.

With the average marriage age in the UK standing at 32 for women and 34 for men, these children of the 90s are looking to recreate those halcyon days with a 90s themed wedding band.

We’re certainly seeing this trend gain traction in the UK and wedding bands have responded to the demand. Many offer a set of 90s covers but some specialise entirely in the pop and rock music of this decade.

They will also be able to dress appropriately in 90s attire to add even more authenticity to their act.

The following bands perform in this style: The Old School 90s Band and Saved By The 90s.

Here's the 2020 live promo video for The Old School 90s Band...

3. Roaming wedding bands

Roaming bands have dramatically increased in popularity in recent years. The musicians are able to move between your guests, providing a truly immersive experience.

Most roaming bands perform acoustically, so they are often more suitable for smaller weddings and more intimate events.

They usually feature male vocals, acoustic guitar(s), a double bass, and sometimes a mobile drum kit and an extra instrument like saxophone or violin.

One of our most popular roaming bands, Wandering Three, perform as a trio of two acoustic guitars, violin and 3-part male vocal harmony.

For weddings with more guests and if you want to take wedding entertainment to the next level, there is an electric roaming band called NOMAD, who perform with amplification but completely wirelessly.

Their lineup features electric guitar, bass guitar, mobile electric drum kit and outstanding male vocals.

NOMAD have proven to be one of our most popular wedding bands, with well over 50 confirmed bookings in 2019 on FixTheMusic.

Here's their 2020 promo video...

NOMAD have recently launched a miniature spin-off band called NOMAD Lite for clients with lower budgets.

They are also ideal for destination weddings as they can travel easily with their reduced equipment.

NOMAD Lite are also wirelessly amplified so they roam between guests creating a vibrant and interactive ambiance.

Here they are performing live...

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this short guide to the most popular trends in live wedding music for 2019.

If you're planning your own trendy wedding, what are your plans for the live music or entertainment on your special day? Tell us in the comments section below!

— Adam is a co-founder of FixTheMusic and works on everything from copywriting and marketing to design and user experience. He studied Music at Cambridge University. Adam is a keen pianist, and also learned cello and trumpet from an early age.