Garden Party Music Ideas (Updated March 2020)

28 JUNE 2016
Blog post by Myles Eastwood

Garden party music can be anything from a soothing string quartet or string trio, to an enlivening steel band or an exotic Mariachi band. This short blog post on garden party music ideas is designed to give you some inspiration when planning your summer event.

Summer means garden parties, and Britain does these well! Green lawns, picnic buffets and endless jugs of Pimm’s are all staple ingredients. Live music ties all this together, and FixTheMusic will help you find the right musicians and book them quickly and securely.

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Jazz trios, quartets and other ensembles are a classic choice, as are string quartets or a solo violinist or cellist. On the one hand, classical music doesn't require electricity which means you can have the musicians perform anywhere (within reason!).

The sound of strings, or indeed a small wind ensemble, is always soothing and is a great way to elevate the vibe of a garden party.

Furthermore, nearly all the classical acts on FixTheMusic offer a range of repertoire, including contemporary pop songs, Disney numbers and easy-listening arrangements, so you'll be able to cater to all tastes with ease.

On the other hand, a jazz group can inject a bit more excitement into the party, as long as you can provide electricity for the keyboardist (and PA if there's a singer). Background jazz suits a garden party with cocktails and adult guests particularly well, and the band can always turn it up if people want to listen properly and dance.

A band that features a saxophonist, trombonist or trumpet player takes the entertainment to the next level, and a good singer fronting the lineup will make you garden party one to remember.

One of our most popular forms of entertainment for garden parties in 2019 has been the acoustic roaming band. These bands are completely wireless and can roam amongst your guests, making them perfectly suitable for outdoor events.

Here are a couple of our most popular acoustic strolling bands:

Should you be looking for something a little different for your garden party, then other great choices include Caribbean steel drum bands, a trad jazz lineup like The Moonshine Jazz Band, a vintage-style jazz band, or even a roaming acoustic act like the modern Mexican mariachi band Sonora Mariachi Band, whose pop covers are original and great fun.

FixTheMusic also has a great selection of acoustic singers and acoustic duos, from gentle folk-based repertoire to the beautiful pop covers sung by London-based guitarist-singer, Thomas Philip.

Other popular choices include a classical harpist. Cheshire-based harpist Ellie Tessa has performed at numerous garden parties – and provides a very elegant style of background music for drinks receptions in particular.

Whatever music you choose, performing outdoors requires cover from rain (it wouldn't be a British summer without) so musicians don't get wet and, more importantly, any electrical equipment is protected from water.

Acoustic duos are also an excellent idea for a laid-back garden party, providing light musical accompaniment while your guests enjoy cocktails and nibbles.

Here are a few of FixTheMusic's most popular acoustic duos...

Acoustic Royale

The Tonics

Cover Brothers

The Chain

Sunbirds Duo

The Martinis

Ignite Duo

The Directors

Kudos Acoustic Duo

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If the musicians are using amplification then a safe power supply is essential to the extent that it is written into FixTheMusic's standard contract.

Musicians on FixTheMusic has PAT-certified equipment. Most venues will have had their outlets tested but you can always contact them to clarify details before the event.

So submit an enquiry to receive offers from our hand-picked musicians for your summer garden party!

What do you think about the music ideas in this blog post? If you're planning a garden party, what sort of music would you like? Tell us in the comments section below!