Jazz, Vintage & Rock 'n' Roll

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Rose Devine

Vintage Singer

The Bandits

Jazz Trio

The Dixie Strollers

Vintage Jazz Combo

The Electric Folks

Wedding Band & Party Band


Wedding Band & Party Band

The Daisy Chains

Vintage Party Band

All Covered Up

Wedding Band & Party Band

Paul Fitzgerald

The Human Jukebox

Ed Alexander


Flash Mob Jazz

Swing & Jive Band

Sophia Boryslawska


Riverside Brass Quintet

Brass ensemble

The Fitzroy Six

Party Band

MT & the Brogues

Wedding/Function Band

Carolina Garcia-Cox

Pianist & Singer

The Vintage Three

Vintage Covers Band

The Pink Champagne Sisters

Vintage Ensemble

Anna Sin

Vintage Wedding Band & Party Band

The Polka Dots

Vintage Close Harmony

The Bluejays

Rock 'n' Roll Band

Gyps N' Progress

Gypsy Trio


Party Band

Hannah Rhodes

Pianist and Singer

Sharp Four

Jazz and Soul Band

Brother from Another

Funk & Soul Band

Doolally Tap

Vintage Party Band

Mood Indigo

Jazz Band

Mister Kanish

Wedding Band & Party Band

Sam De La Haye

Pianist & Singer

Bring The Festival

Mumford & Sons Style Band

The New Vintage Band

Vintage Party Band

The Vintage Rollers

1950s Rock 'n' Roll Wedding Band

The Night and Day Collective

Vintage Jazz Group

Hippocampus Jass Gang

Vintage Jazz Band

Josh Hindle


Jitter Kings

Vintage Jazz Combo

Festival Beats

Folk Style Wedding Band

The Banjo Lounge 4

Acoustic Mash-Up Band

Alexander Bone

Saxophonist and DJ

The Luthiers

Indie Folk Style Wedding Band

King Brasstards

New Orleans Brass Band

Might As Well Be Swing

Jazz & Swing Band

Carly & Russ

Wedding Singer and Pianist

Duo Molto Jazz

Jazz Duo (Saxophone & Guitar)


Jazz Fusion Ensemble


Contemporary Jazz Duo

The Brass Funkeys

Modern New Orleans Brass Band

The Vintage Jacks

Vintage Wedding Band

The Iron Boot Scrapers

Vintage Wandering Band

Vintage Drive

Wedding Band & Party Band

Redstone Collective

Vintage Electro Swing Band

Digital Swing

Electro Swing/Jazz Band

Jamie Ledwith

Wedding Singer, Pianist & Acoustic Guitarist

The Journeymen

Roaming Acoustic Band


Party Band & Function Band

McKenzie & Sons

Wedding Band

Velvet Soul

Soul & Motown Band

The Belle Adventure

Acoustic Duo

The Aces Duo

Violin & Guitar Duo

The Travelling Hands

Roaming Acoustic Band

The Thumping Tommys

Folk & Bluegrass Band

Hetty and The Jazzato Band

Vintage Anglo-Italian Jazz Band

The Cash Cows

Vintage Acoustic Covers Band

The Supers

Wedding Band & Party Band

Rockney Rebels

Chas 'n' Dave Tribute Band

Dat Swing Thing

Vintage Wedding Band & Party Band

Reed & Ivory

Saxophone & Piano Duo

Mumford & Daughters

Wedding Band & Party Band

Jukebox Jets

Vintage Rock 'n' Roll Band

Sarabanda Cuban Band

Cuban Son & Salsa Band

Lewis & Dav

Acoustic Jazz & Funk Duo

The Veyrons

1950s Rock 'n' Roll Band

The Renditions

Acoustic Roaming Band

Alex Chadwick


Emily and The Fedoras

Wedding Band & Party Band

The Man Overboard Quintet

Jazz & Swing Band

Pixie & the Gypsies

Gypsy Jazz Style Cover Band

Matthew Sulzmann Trio

Jazz Trio/Duo

Super Tenants

Roaming Party Band

Dan Goode

Saxophonist and DJ

Between the Lines

Jazz Band

Bounder & Cad

Comedy Cabaret Duo

Gypsy Dynamite

Gypsy Jazz Band

The Blazers

Vintage Wedding Band

Jon Spanyol


The Black Hat Band

Party Band

The Jake Leg Jug Jazz Band

1920s Jazz Band

The Harmony Men

Male Vocal Harmony Quartet

The London Latin Jazz Band

Latin Jazz Band

Wandering Soul

Roaming Acoustic Band