DJ Zano
Professional DJ
Florence, Italy
€650 - €1,450

About DJ Zano – professional DJ band based in Florence, Italy
4 reviews

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DJ Zano is a professional DJ based in Florence, who is known for his dynamic and energetic sets, as well as his professionalism and charisma.

A well-travelled entertainer, DJ Zano has well over a decade of industry experience and can provide you with an eclectic and vibrant set to suit your every need.

DJ Zano has a varied repertoire, spanning everything from deep house to 70s disco, seamlessly blending old and new to give you an exciting and individual performance!

DJ Zano regularly performs with other entertainers, combining his expertise with LED drummers, saxophonists and many more.

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DJ Zano is very well known across Italy, having played in many famous venues and has held residencies at some of the country’s most renowned clubs and cruises.

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Performing professionally since 2002, DJ Zano has gained a wealth of experience of both private and public occasions and will be able to cater to every element of his performance to fit you and your needs.

I am regularly booked to perform at Casa Cornacchi, Bucine, Tuscany, Italy.

If you like the sound of DJ Zano and his exciting mixes, do not hesitate to get in touch!

4 verified reviews

"It has been a pleasure working with DJ Zano! We had a mixed Indian and Italian wedding with guests from all over the world and he ensured that everyone had a great time. Prior to the wedding we had communicated with one another regarding the specifics of the event and some songs we absolutely wanted him to play and he made it all happen without any issues. He is a very flexible DJ and very easy to work with so I would definitely recommend him to other clients who are looking for a DJ that will keep the party going! Our wedding guests did not want to leave the dance floor and that was something very nice to see at our wedding!"
– Marco & Bhavna, 22 February 2020, wedding in Tuscany, Italy
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"What can we say, DJ Zano was a complete legend and totally exceeded our expectations. From the planning pre-wedding to delivering a sensational vibe across our 2-day event, he 100% bought the party and our guests loved him. We will definitely be asking DJ Zano to join us as our next big celebration. We cannot thank him enough!”
– Fran & Finn, 13 August 2019, wedding in Florence, Italy
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"DJ Zano was fantastic, everything you would expect from a creative music professional and more. He was calm, assured, flexible and constructive in his interactions with us; above all, his familiarity with a very wide range of musical styles allowed us to design and pull off a magical event. And all done with just the right amount of cool. Our guests kept asking us where we found him!”
– Giri & Asia, 6 August 2019, wedding in Tuscany, Italy
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"DJ Zano was fun, bright and really helped make the night special. We had special requests for music that he fulfilled and integrated into his set so well. His help was invaluable. We highly recommend DJ Zano for weddings and we thank him, we are so happy with his service and communication.”
– Karl & Lara Goldstraw, 15 July 2019, wedding in Italy
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Audio samples
DJ Zano - 90s Mix
DJ Zano - 2014 Sample Mix
DJ Zano - 2015 Sample Mix
DJ Zano - 2016 Sample Mix
DJ Zano - 2017 Sample Mix
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