Soul Kiss
DJ & Saxophone Duo
Puglia, Italy
€1,600 - €1,950

About Soul Kiss – professional saxophone and DJ duo based in Italy

Soul Kiss are en exciting duo who specialise in the unique pairing of saxophone and DJ sounds.

The invigorating combination of Chicago inspired sax improvisations with the enthralling beats of house and techno allows Soul Kiss to always stay fresh and up to date.

The pairing of these two exceptional musical talents ensures that Soul Kiss will get everyone up on their feet and dancing!

So if you're looking to hire the finest sax & DJ duo Puglia (Italy) has to offer for your wedding or event, get in touch with us.

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More information about Soul Kiss

With over 10 years of industry experience, Soul Kiss have all the skills needed to provide you with everything that you might need.

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With a straightforward and clean set-up, Soul Kiss will ensure that your event will run smoothly, while their soulful renditions will be sure to keep the night going!

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