DJ Luka
Professional DJ
Zagreb, Croatia
€950 - €1,500

About DJ Luka – professional wedding DJ based in Zagreb, Croatia
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DJ Luka has more than 19 years of experience and more than a thousand gigs from top clubs and bars to corporate events and weddings.

He has worked on many domestic and foreign projects and for many well-known companies.

DJ Luka has played at more than a hundred weddings for couples from all around the world, not only Croatian but also American, Brazilian, Spanish, Dutch, British and Swiss.

This Croatian DJ has performed at all kinds of events in numerous locations, from fashion and sporting events to weddings and parties, DJ Luka has done it all.

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With his great musical knowledge and experience, Luka is able to make great musical atmosphere no matter what musical genre you prefer from funk, soul, disco, hip-hop, rock, lounge, pop, the eighties to house, club and electro.

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Luka is available to DJ at weddings and private events throughout Croatia, as well as in Italy (especially Puglia and Venice), Switzerland and Germany.

He can keep you dancing for hours with his exquisite musical style. He performs on turntables as well as players or controller which he can provide as well as a great sound system.

So, if you’re looking to hire one of Croatia’s most talented DJs, look no further than DJ Luka and get in touch today!

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"DJ Luka! I completely see why Wes and Margo chose you, that was the best DJ experience at a wedding that I’ve ever experienced! When I have my own wedding (date and location to be determined but my boyfriend is from Spain so probably there), I will be in touch with you to see if you are available! Thanks for an amazing night!!’"
– Claire Markham, 18 September 2020, wedding in Zagreb, Croatia
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