DJ Sol
Wedding DJ
Marbella, Costa Del Sol, Spain

About DJ Sol – professional wedding DJ for hire on the Costa del Sol
4 reviews

DJ Sol is fascinated by music. His knowledge and collection of all things soulful, jazzy and funky is deep and long-standing.

Now based in Marbella, Costa del Sol, he is an in-demand DJ for hire, a world leader of the funk and one of the DJs spreading that great fat and funky groove around the globe.

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Re-located to the Costa del Sol, Spain now some 7 years and nicknamed "The Legend" by many and "The Encyclopedia" by others, DJ Sol continues his regular Costa del Sol gigs.

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Corporate and private events and parties now extend back to the UK and out to Switzerland. Costa del Sol weddings, Club DJ and the "go to" DJ for hire for private and corporate parties on the southern coast of Spain.

His repertoire now encompasses an eclectic mix from Disco to Bass Trap, Big Tunes from the last five decades that will make you wanna get down on that dance floor!

DJ Sol would describe the music that moves him currently as anything soulful. "I'm still loving anything that has quality input. Old Skool Rare Grooves to the latest Pop Hits. Soaring vocals and fat basslines all get my attention… as long as it prescribes to any of the above menus" he says.

"If the bass ain't kicking and the vocals ain't soaring… Forget about it! The new technology certainly aids the imagination of the current day producers as more and more musical boundaries are established and then smashed down giving way for the next novel musical nuance.

So if you're looking to hire the finest wedding DJ Marbella has to offer, get in touch with DJ Sol.

4 verified reviews

"Amazing! Sol's music selection is like no ones else on the coast! He is like an oasis in the desert when it comes to damn right quality music! .. No cheese!!! x"
– Rebekah Disa, 15 September 2019, wedding reception at Hotel Los Castanos, Costa Del Sol
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"DJ Sol was a sensation at our wedding. He knew exactly when to play something for the ‘oldies’ and when to keep us ‘younger’ chaps and chapettes up on the dancefloor. Sol had a great sense of humour and kept us all buzzing from early evening until when we were asked to vacate the premises! A great night, and a perfect end to our spectacular wedding day."
– Malvin & Linda Preece, 10 August 2019, wedding in Marbella
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"Genuinely the best and most reliable DJ to make your event both successful and memorable no matter where or for what occasion."
– Victoria Harper, 1 August 2019, private event in Marbella
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"The most versatile and professional DJ on the Costa del Sol."
– Aaron Phillip, 3 July 2019, private event in Marbella
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