Tuscan Smooth Grooves

Jazz & Swing Band

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Florence, Tuscany, Italy
€1,500 - €2,000
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About Tuscan Smooth Grooves – professional Instrumental Jazz band based in Florence, Tuscany, Italy

Tuscan Smooth Grooves emerged from a gathering of passionate and talented young musicians hailing from the picturesque city of Florence, Italy.

United by their shared love for jazz, they embarked on a musical journey that would transcend borders and delight audiences both nationally and internationally.

This eclectic ensemble is dedicated to sharing the pure essence of jazz - a genre that effortlessly embodies the qualities of sophistication, vivacity, and boundless allure.

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Their music transcends the ordinary, ushering listeners into a realm of celebration where the rhythm resonates in the feet, the melodies stir the heart, and the improvisations astonish with their pyrotechnic brilliance and daring creativity.

We're regularly booked to perform for weddings and events at Borgo Castello Panicaglia in Perugia, Italy.

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For those who cherish the harmonious charms of jazz and aspire to infuse their wedding or special event with an air of elegance and pure delight, look no further than Tuscan Smooth Grooves.

Born from the union of these talented musicians who share an unwavering passion for their craft, this exceptional group is your key to creating memorable and distinctive atmospheres.

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Let their music enchant you and your guests, making your wedding day an exceptional and original celebration.

When you choose Tuscan Smooth Grooves, you are inviting a world-class jazz experience, one that resonates with the heart and soul, setting the stage for unforgettable moments and memories that will last a lifetime.

Contact us today and let the Tuscan Smooth Grooves elevate your event to a level of musical excellence that is nothing short of extraordinary.

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3 Videos & 9 Photos

10 Verified Reviews

"Tuscan Smooth Grooves were absolutely amazing! From the beginning Michele and the other musicians proved kind and helpful. They listened to our ideas and guided the choice of pieces with competence and preparation. Much of jazz is based on improvisation, so having passionate and technically gifted musicians makes the difference. In this, the band was perfect! He also knew how to capture the mood of the various phases of the reception and involve the guests - without ever overdoing it. We were happy and received enthusiastic comments. Even in the difficulties of the day (such as delays and adjustments), the band proved to be very professional, remaining to play even beyond the scheduled time. Absolutely recommended!"

Serena Rattazzi, 9 July 2024, wedding in Florence, Italy
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"Definitely the best "surprise" of the day. Tuscan Smooth Grooves were fantastic during all the different phases of the wedding, from the ceremony to the cutting of the cake! The guys are absolutely fantastic and accommodated my every request. I would get married again just to hear them live again and enjoy them more! Absolutely highly recommended!!!"

Francesca Girardi, 22 March 2024, wedding in Pienza, Italy
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"Tuscan Smooth Grooves were the best choice for our wedding. The guys are professionals and were able to create a beautiful and very engaging atmosphere (even for those less accustomed to their musical genre). We left the guys a lot of autonomy in choosing the pieces to play and we weren't disappointed! It should be added that Luca was very helpful with the organisation and both he and the other guys were very nice. My biggest regret of the day was missing “The Chicken” by Jaco Pastorius because I was taking wedding photos! Thank you with all my heart!"

John and Lisa Millar, 26 August 2023, wedding in Pisa, Italy
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"Amazing, amazing people making amazing music. They left everyone breathless with Cohen's Hallelujah in the abbey, and then continued throughout the evening entertaining us and our guests. Luca of infinite kindness, professionalism and empathy. We would choose them again a thousand times!"

Giovanni Giannelli, 20 August 2023, wedding in Prato, Italy
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"We hired Tuscan Smooth Grooves after looking around, and we are really happy! Four reasons why I recommend them: 1) Luca, the bass player of the band that followed us, helps create a personal, vibrant, very danceable playlist; he has great patience and knowledge of the entire jazz/street/funk musical panorama. 2) The band gives an unrepeatable atmosphere to the evening, they overwhelm you and carry you, an ups and downs of emotions, from the wildest to the slow and loving dance; and then irresistible again, we danced as much as we could. 3) From what we saw around, the price is excellent and 4) You don't have to worry, they have the equipment, they know how to evaluate the places in their strengths and weaknesses, and understand the best solution for the setup. If you are thinking of a band, Tuscan Smooth Grooves could really be what you need. A big hello to Luca and company, we still remember the festoon."

Francesco Izzo, 3 August 2023, wedding in Florence, Italy
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"Luca and the other guys were great! They created a beautiful atmosphere and every guest complimented us on our choice. We send our compliments to you, you were fantastic and we couldn't ask for anything better! Smiling and helpful, they immediately became a fundamental part of the wedding. Thanks again for everything!"

Irene Jacobs, 16 July 2023, wedding in Chianti, Italy
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"Both the guests and I were very satisfied. They made us have fun, they have a very wide repertoire of music and they try to understand all the needs that the couple could ask for. Professional and very helpful also in the pre-wedding organisation. I recommend them because they can really make a difference in a marriage. Well done!"

Giulia Palmeri, 8 July 2023, wedding in Arezzo, Italy
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"Tuscan Smooth Grooves made our wedding aperitif a wonderful and unforgettable experience. Their jazz and bossa nova music created an elegant and relaxing atmosphere, perfect for the occasion.
We were particularly impressed by the talent of the musicians Luca and Michele, who knew how to involve the audience with their skill and their passion for music. Their skill in playing the instruments and creating perfect harmony made the musical experience even more special. Furthermore, the band's singer was absolutely extraordinary, demonstrating a powerful and engaging voice that made each song an emotional experience. We really appreciated his ability to adapt to different songs and communicate with the audience in an authentic and engaging way. Overall, we highly recommend the Tuscan Smooth Grooves to anyone looking for a high quality band for a special event. Thank you for making our wedding an even more memorable experience with your wonderful music."

Massimo Lo Cascio, 28 July 2022, wedding in Cortona, Italy
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"I highly recommend Tuscan Smooth Grooves! They are really good, prepared, kind and professional. For our wedding, they created a beautiful atmosphere during the aperitif. Furthermore, upon our request for an extra piece compared to their repertoire, they offered us to create their own arrangement which they played excellently. Really, really good!"

Arianna Mazzanti, 19 July 2022, wedding in Orvieto, Italy
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"Extraordinary musicians who manage to both satisfy music and jam session enthusiasts and entertain with DJ sets and live performances from the aperitif to the end of the party. At our wedding they were able to respond to all our requests with flexibility, passion and professionalism: a quartet aperitif that was able to entertain and entertain the music-loving guests and at the same time create a magical atmosphere for those who wanted to dedicate themselves to chatting and partying, DJ set until late at night with a fun and engaging proposal. They helped with every need, from the entrance music to the dinner, to the cutting of the cake, to the atmospheric music for the "video moment". They were also very happy to improvise with guest musicians who they welcomed onto the set, making the party even more special! We couldn't have chosen a better band: they helped make our wedding even more beautiful and personal, thanks Smooth Grooves!"

Martina Opizzi, 15 July 2022, wedding in Florence, Italy
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Set List

Jazz Standards:

Take five
Take the A train
Round Midnight
All of me
Autumn Leaves
Moon River
Mc the Knife
Donna Lee
Body and Soul
Tune Up
and many more...

Bossa Nova:

The girl from Ipanema
Blue Bossa
Bossa Dorad
Samba de una nota Sol
and many more...

Pop & Italian:

English man in New York
Master Blaster
Careless Whisper
Tu vuoi fa l'americano
and many more...

Fusion funk:

The Chicken
St Thomas
Watermelon Man
Red baron
New Rochelle
Work Song
and many more...

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