Testimonials From Musicians

Have a read of our testimonials from musicians below, and also check out the advantages for musicians to see why bands and musicians love being part of our community.

"I gotta say I’m really enjoying working with you guys. You’re on it."
DJ Douglas
Reviewed on 3 June 2024

"Hello Ed, Hope you’re well! Thank you so much for the booking! We had such a good time and so did the wedding party. Forever grateful for the enquiries we receive even though we aren’t always available. Thank you once again!"
— Franchesqua Evans, lead singer of Tracks N Sax, saxophone & vocals duo based in Manchester, UK Reviewed on 24 May 2023

"Throughout my career I’ve been on the books of I’d say over 20 agents with gigs few and far between, the odd one here and there! Agents will often use their trusted suppliers, people they’ve worked with on a regular basis and breaking the chain can be tricky. I’ve always had a busy schedule but within the last couple of years fix the music really have landed me some incredible gigs all over the world. Myself and band are now featured as “top band” on FixTheMusic's blog which is very humbling. Thank you for putting your trust in me, I very much look forward to a continued successful partnership going forward!"
Iddy Awan, lead singer and manager of luxury wedding band Scintillate
Reviewed on 10 June 2022

"Hi guys, FixTheMusic is one of my the best experiences and cooperation in my musical life. Great service, professional attitude, very responsive, trustworthy and very transparent. Thank you for your great job! Best wishes from Ibiza. Ivan"
The Ibiza Saxophonist
Reviewed on 5 May 2022

"This platform is great for both the performers and the clients searching for music for their perfect event. Great communication, connections and very quick reliable responses. I already had multiple bookings via FixTheMusic so I am very pleased!"
Sabina Joanna, professional wedding violinist based in London
Reviewed on 1 October 2021

"A great company to work for, they have a very easy and innovative way of communication between acts and clients and my clients have had only good things to say about them."
Alan on Guitar, professional wedding guitarist based in Berkshire & London
Reviewed on 23 May 2021

"FixTheMusic are an absolute pleasure to work with!!"
— Suzanne Aston of Solid Gold, party band based in South Wales & London
Reviewed on 11 December 2020

"Big thanks to fix the music - just had an awesome first gig last weekend for them in the south of France! Great stuff!"
— Mike Ritchie of The Sidekicks, professional wedding band based in Somerset
Reviewed on 19 June 2020

"I have had a great experience as a musician on FixTheMusic. I have already had several bookings, including unusual bookings that aren't your typical wedding! Ed is my point of contact and he is very efficient, friendly and professional with his responses."
Ellie Tessa, professional wedding harpist based in Cheshire
Reviewed on 31 March 2020

"We already had 3 aboard wedding bookings in the last weeks and we can't wait. We are so looking forward to continuing working with FixTheMusic and get many more amazing bookings to amazing places. The process is very easy and the staff are very helpful. Would recommend to fellow musicians."
— Larissa, singer in The Tonics, professional acoustic duo based in London
Reviewed on 10 March 2020

"We have only been with Fix the Music for a short time and we are delighted with the volume and quality of gigs coming through, as well as the friendliness, and efficiency of the team. Cheers, Mary Gristwood, Bass Rock Ceilidh Band."
— Mary Gristwood, violinist and member of The Glasgow Ceilidh Band
Reviewed on 18 January 2020

"Been registered with FixTheMusic for a few months now and I have to say we are really happy with the quality and quantity of work passed over to us. Enquiries come in constantly and I have to say we get most of our gigs through FixTheMusic now. So happy with the service that they offer, professionalism and very efficient response time to any questions and queries that we might have. They're very honest about everything and no bull and hidden fees. Top quality! Highly recommend these guys!"
— Paul Saliba, manager of The Charmers, professional covers band based in London
Reviewed on 3 November 2019

"Extremely impressed by the service for musicians at FixTheMusic. Ed, my point of contact at FixTheMusic was very helpful and always answered my questions quickly and helpfully, setting up a profile for me and arranging a gig for myself for a German couple in Mallorca! The gig itself went smoothly, the party was great, and payment was prompt. Ed also arranged payment for the expenses before the start of the event so they were also paid along with the fee. Thanks Ed, look forward to working with you more in the future!"
Danny Sax, professional wedding saxophonist & DJ based in London
Reviewed on 16 July 2019

"First class site and service. Ed is great. As a musician, this concept was really refreshing. It made the whole process so much easier. Thank you again and I look forward to working with you in the future!"
— Stavros Gregoriou, professional wedding singer & guitarist based in Cyprus
Reviewed on 1 June 2019