The document below serves as the contract between Event Planners and Acts when a booking is made through FixTheMusic.

The agreement legally binds the Act you book to perform at your event, and includes various provisions you provide them in return. In the unlikely event of a cancellation FixTheMusic is able to draw upon a vast private database of thousands of professional musicians to replace your chosen Act.

Any details agreed in email such as start time, venue and so on, append this contract accordingly.

The agreement between the Event Planner and Act is governed by these terms and FixTheMusic’s Terms of Service. Definitions used here are the same as those used in the Terms of Service.

These terms are based on the Musicians’ Union Standard Contracts.

By the Act accepting an Engagement and the Event Planner paying the relevant deposit, an agreement is made between the Event Planner and Act.

The Event Planner engages the Act and the Act is obliged: (i) to provide a combination of musicians (where the Act is a group of musicians) to perform; or (ii) to perform (where the Act is a solo musician):

• at the venue;

• on the date(s);

• at the time(s) (from the agreed start time to finish time); and

• for the fee,

as detailed in the written email conversation between the Event Planner and Act.

It is agreed that the fee for each Engagement as agreed between the Event Planner and Act shall be paid by the Event Planner prior to the date of the performance of such engagement. FixTheMusic will initiate payment collected from the Event Planner to the Act one Business Day after the Engagement (except to the extent that a refund is due to the Event Planner).

The Event Planner and the Act agree that the equipment and instruments of each musician performing for an Engagement are not available for use by any other person, except by specific permission of the musician.

The Event Planner shall also ensure:

• a safe supply of electricity and the security of the musicians and their property at the venue;

• a suitable performance area with adequate shelter if outdoors;

• access to suitable, free parking facilities for the Act’s vehicle(s);

• adequate provision is made for access to and from the venue and performance area during the periods of the Act setting up and packing down instruments and equipment;

• suitable access to toilets, washing and changing facilities for the Act; and

• provision of a hot meal and soft drink for each member of the Act.

The Event Planner shall not make or permit the making of any audio and/or visual recording or transmission of the musicians’ performance without the prior written consent of the musicians.

If the Act is subjected to any threatening or abusive behaviour during the Engagement, the Act reserves the right to stop the performance.

Wherever possible the Act should utilise the band line-up as represented to the Event Planner, unless the need arises to substitute a performer due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g. illness). The Act will have substitutes known as a Deputy or ‘Dep’ performers on-call and reserves the right to use Deps should the need arise. If a suitable ‘Dep’ performer is available, the Act will utilise them rather than cancel the booking.

Any rider agreed by both parties in the written email conversation between the Event Planner and Act shall be deemed incorporated into these terms.

In the unlikely event of an Event Planner or Act cancellation, this Agreement is governed by the cancellation policy in FixTheMusic's Terms of Service, which protects both Event Planner and Act. The initial payment (deposit) is non-refundable.

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