Advantages for Musicians

Dear musicians,

Here are some reasons why we think you’ll love being part of our community:

  1. We send you direct enquiries submitted from your profile page, but also relevant general enquiries that match your profile.

  2. You’re guaranteed a 30% deposit once a booking is confirmed and if bookers cancel within 28 days of the event, you’ll receive your full fee.

  3. You’re free to set your own prices for each gig.

  4. Direct contact with bookers via our messaging system.

  5. No need to send contracts to clients — the messages form the contract, together with the Agreement on our website.

  6. Attractive, media-rich profile pages, optimised for search engines.

  7. We always make payment to you within 1 working day of the gig.

  8. Online payment means there’s no need to chase for cash on the night, send invoices or worry about cheques bouncing.

  9. Unlike agents, you don't have to rename your act. If you would prefer to be renamed, this is also possible.

Feel free to get in touch with us by emailing if you have any questions.

Kind regards,

The FixTheMusic team

by Adam Southall