Sax 'n' Pulse
Sax & DJ Duo
Rome, Italy
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About Sax 'n' Pulse – professional sax & DJ duo based in Rome, Italy
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Sax 'n' Pulse are a young and dynamic sax & DJ duo based in Rome, Italy who regularly perform at weddings and events throughout Italy and Europe.

So if you're looking to hire the finest DJ & saxophone group Italy has to offer for your wedding or event, get in touch with Sax 'n' Pulse.

We can also add drums to form a trio of DJ, sax and drums for the extra wow factor!

We're regularly booked to perform for weddings and events at Palazzo Torlonia in Rome, Castello di Petrata in Assisi and Castello di Montignano Relais & Spa Hotel in Massa Martana, Italy.

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More information about Sax 'n' Pulse

Sax 'n' Pulse is a musical Italian duo who will entertain you and your guests with class and elegance.

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We create a wonderful and unique atmosphere starting from the welcome aperitif and continuing throughout the evening, which is sure to keep the party dancing.

The duo offers a great selection of the best live saxophone hits blended together by a professional DJ creating an amazing show.

Here are just some of the locations where we have been booked by clients on FixTheMusic for weddings and events...

  • Castello di Ugento Hotel, Lecce, Italy
  • Valle di Badia, Pisa, Italy
  • Casale Doria Pamphilj, Testa di Lepre, Fiumicino, Rome, Italy
  • Palazzo Belmonte, Santa Maria di Castellabate, Italy
  • Castello di Petrata, Assisi, Italy
  • Castello di Vicarello, Grosseto, Italy
  • Montestigliano Villa, Brenna, Siena
  • Palazzo Torlonia, Rome
  • Borgo di Tragliata, Fiumicino, Rome, Italy
  • Castello di Montignano Relais & Spa Hotel, Massa Martana, Italy
  • Conti di San Bonifacio, Grosseto, Italy
  • Villa Miani, Via Trionfale, Rome, Italy
  • Relais Blu, Massa Lubrense, Naples, Italy
  • Via Camollia, Siena, Italy
  • Castello di Meleto, Tuscany, Italy
  • Borgo San Martino, Italy
  • Borgo Castello Panicaglia, Italy
  • Lucca, Italy

Please read our e-book here for some FAQs.

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What is your plan regarding the logistics of the day? By what time would you get there, and will you require anything in addition to what you are transporting?

Generally we will arrive very early at the event in order to organize all the details about two/three hours before depending on the equipment that is required. We can cover a maximum of three audio locations, and we don't need anything more to perform our services.

What do you exactly need for playing during a wedding?

We need to have contact details of the wedding planner or the director (manager) who is in charge of the logistics of the location. We need to know exactly where to set our audio locations, and how many audio locations we have to cover. We need to know the entire logistics of the event for example but not limited to (arrival time of guests, timings of dinner, spaces where the audio locations will be, number of guests).

Can you confirm the price and the timings the price covers? How much would it cost for each extra hour?

During our email contact our quote confirms the music service for the exact time you have requested. Each additional hour is 100,00 €. You can freely decide also on the same day of the event if you want to add more time just please note the costs listed above.

Can we use your material during the event from guests?

Our material is under our responsibility and it can't be used without our presence, or asking for permission first. The only equipment that can be used is the microphone, to announce something, or sing a song. It's not possible to make use of the DJ's console to a guest. If a guest wants to bring his own console then he or she would be able to play a few songs, using our sound system.

Do we have to provide meals and drinks for the band?

As written in Terms and Agreements of FixTheMusic, section Event Planner Responsibilities. It is the Event Planner's duty to ensure that the Act is provided with adequate refreshments throughout their stay at the performance venue. The minimum requirement that must be made available to the Act is a free supply of mineral water and soft drinks and a hot meal or buffet for all members of the Act and their party.

What is your approach with regards to the playlist used? Do you ask for a selection of songs and then build a playlist around it?

We compose a mix of modern hits, and together with the couple we create the best selection of songs, with their taste. It's very important to have well in advance a list of songs/artists/genres for the playlist. The DJ will mix the best hits of modern music, and with sax our style is about 80-90 style in house key. You will find the full list of songs played by saxophone in the sax's list, the same for the violin. After our booking we will send you our proposal for the best songs for the moments of your wedding, you can accept what you like and modify what you don't like, taking other songs from general repertoire. In general our idea is to propose songs for the tastes of all guests. Of course if you have a list of songs/genres/artists you can make your requests and we can add them to the playlist based on your preferences.

Can I choose one specific song?

If the song is listed on the repertoire it can be played live, if not the DJ can play it without the live instruments.

What do you suggest for the special moments of the event?

Generally there are three important moments during a wedding: the entrance of the couple during the aperitivo, cutting of the cake and the couple's first dance (and sometimes special dances with relatives). For these moments you can choose from our repertoire of live music to be played by live instruments, or choose a song outside of our repertoire to be played by the DJ on the sound system.

What do your quotes include?

Our quote includes the described musical service with our audio locations for time and modality that we decided together in email contact. The quote includes VAT, travel and accommodation for our group.

Do I have to pay anything more, or extra?


What does your quote NOT include?

SIAE (tax for music). In Italy we have to pay the tax for music, it is called “SIAE” and it is around 350,00 €. You can pay it online but the website is all in Italian. Surely your wedding planner can help you with that payment, this tax is under your responsibility, and you have to pay it at least 48 hours before your event. This tax is outside of our responsibility and it is an obligation to pay. For more information, have a read of FixTheMusic's blog post: SIAE Licence Fee for Weddings in Italy – a Short Guide.

How do we pay?

To confirm the booking you will need to make a deposit of 25% of the total quote through FixTheMusic, then the remaining amount will be due on the day of the wedding in cash. We prefer to be paid at the beginning of the event, so you can make the payment provided by your wedding planner, or in whatever way you want.

What about lighting?

The lights for the after dinner party are included. We provide disco lights, that light up the band’s location and the dancefloor. These are the standard lights that are included in our quote. Additionally, we work with an AV Company, that can provide a majestic light show. Please know that this service has an additional cost. If you are interested, we can provide you with a quote.

In Italiano

Sax 'n' Pulse gruppo formato da giovani musicisti professionisti, vi prenderanno per mano e trasformeranno il vostro matrimonio in un evento unico e indimenticabile.

Carisma, talento e professionalità sarà quello che troverete in questo team che sarà in grado di creare un'atmosfera unica in un giorno in cui la musica dovrà fare davvero la differenza.

Sax 'n' Pulse vi propongono un vero e proprio viaggio attraverso generi e strumenti musicali diversi, caratteristica che coinvolgerà sicuramente i vostri ospiti.

Generalmente per l'aperitivo/accoglienza propongono un sottofondo musicale di dj e Sax con atmosfera lounge/soft, con interventi live del sassofono.

Durante il pranzo/cena suggeriscono un sottofondo musicale in filodiffusione, che può essere impreziosito da uscite spettacolari del violino Live durante i cambi piatto, mentre per il momento dei dolci e del taglio della torta propongono un repertorio molto più movimentato, con interventi Live del sax, abbinato alle percussioni elettroniche.

Il concetto è di creare uno show di musica dal vivo abbinando i suoni elettronici del dj al sound di veri strumenti musicali.

Il dj concorderà una scaletta personalizzata direttamente con gli sposi, per venire incontro ai gusti di tutti.

Per gli strumenti musicali sarà possibile visionare i brani in repertorio e scegliere quelli che si preferisce far eseguire.


Cosa include il pack matrimonio?

Musica dalla cerimonia fino alla fine della giornata.

Con quanto anticipo mi devo mettere in contatto con te?

È preferibile almeno 6 mesi prima.

Grandezza della formazione?

Piccola (2-3 musicisti), Media (4-6 musicisti)


Molto ampio e disparato.

Posso chiedere dei brani non inseriti nel repertorio?

È possibile concordare con il Dj una scaletta personalizzata, per il repertorio dei musicisti si potrà scegliere dalla lista delle esecuzioni.


Il dj ha più di 10 anni di esperienza nel settore dei matrimoni e degli eventi privati, esibendosi nelle più importanti location d'Italia. Gli strumentisti sono professionisti del settore.

Disponi di strumentazione propria?


Hai bisogno di materiale particolare o di specifiche condizioni per poter offrire il servizio?


Hai la possibilità di effettuare delle trasferte?

Sì, in tutta Europa.

Esiste un sovrapprezzo in caso di trasferta?

Sì, da concordare di volta in volta.

Lavori per più di un matrimonio al giorno?


Lavori da solo o con un'equipe di professionisti?

In equipe.

Quanto tempo dura l'esibizione?

La musica coprirà l'intera giornata, e sarà parte in filodiffusione in stile Dj/Set, parte suonata dal vivo.

Di quanto tempo hai bisogno per preparare l'esibizione?

Dipende dal tipo di evento, minimo due ore.

Realizzi esibizioni all'aperto?


10 verified reviews

"Hi Paolo, Thank you all for such a fantastic set at our wedding last weekend!! We absolutely loved it and we’re just sad we weren’t able to have you guys play for longer. Here is my official review for you: ‘Sax ‘n’ Pulse were absolutely fantastic. They brought all their own equipment including lights and speakers. We had the 3 piece set up incl percussionist, DJ and Sax and they played brilliantly, taking requests and even helping me play a surprise song! I would definitely recommend."
– Holly Comyn, 23 February 2023, wedding at Castello di Petrata, Assisi, Italy
Verified booking Verified booking on FixTheMusic

"Abbiamo scelto Sax 'n' Pulse per il nostro matrimonio, e lo rifaremmo altre 1000 volte! Con il loro sound pazzesco e con la loro energia, hanno dato un valore aggiunto alla nostra serata, che è stata a dir poco strepitosa! Musica di qualità, professionalità, disponibilità ed eleganza… un mix perfetto! Un grazie a tutto lo staff per averci regalato momenti di puro divertimento, e per essere riusciti a coinvolgere tutti, senza essere mai invadenti ! Un ringraziamento particolare ad Alberto che ci ha seguito passo dopo passo in questo nostro percorso, sempre con il sorriso. Consigliatissimi!"
– Alessia Faustini, 29 September 2022, wedding in Rome, Italy
Verified booking Verified booking on FixTheMusic

"Scelta del trio eccezionale! Professionali, simpatici e... bravissimi! Ci hanno fatto divertire tantissimo e nei giorni a seguire (ma anche adesso a distanza di un mese) gli invitati non hanno fatto altro che complimentarsi e chiedere informazioni su di loro! Consigliamo per rendere i vostri eventi Unici!​"
– Giorgia Chieruzzi, 27 September 2022, corporate event in Rome
Verified booking Verified booking on FixTheMusic

"We are super happy with Sax ’n’ Pulse's performing at our wedding! They kept the party going until 2 am and with each song the crowd was getting more and more excited! Definitely recommend booking this band."
– Maria Grigoryeva, 6 July 2022, wedding at Relais Blu, Capri, Italy
Verified booking Verified booking on FixTheMusic

"Giovani e originali ragazzi simpatici e professionali, hanno dato al nostro matrimonio la giusta atmosfera, hanno preparato tutto in ogni minimo dettaglio e sono venuti incontro alle nostre richieste, aiutandoci nella parte burocratica. Un mix apprezzato davvero da tutti. Consigliatissimi."
– Hannah Kramna, 1 March 2022, wedding in Tuscany
Verified booking Verified booking on FixTheMusic

"Fantastici Che dire, semplicemente fantastici, hanno soluzioni per ogni tipo di evento, disponibilissimi ad accogliere ogni richiesta, la soddisfazione migliore è sentire i complimenti degli invitati, con loro si va sul sicuro, coinvolgenti, professionali, insomma top, top, top, bravi, grazie infinite per quello che avete fatto!"
– Andrea Bottan, 8 December 2021, corporate event in Rome
Verified booking Verified booking on FixTheMusic

"Ciao, We hope you are doing well. Thank you so much for playing at our wedding. We really enjoyed the set you played for us. Our guests haven't stopped talking about it and how brilliant you were."
– Shane McGrath, 24 August 2021, wedding at Castello di Montignano Relais & Spa Hotel, Massa Martana, Umbria, Italy
Verified booking Verified booking on FixTheMusic

"Party fantastico con grande soddisfazione siamo qui a ringraziare i Sax 'n' Pulse. Sono stati meravigliosi in tutto. Con grande professionalità hanno sin da subito inteso l'idea musicale che avevamo per il giorno del nostro matrimonio. Durante la giornata hanno accompagnato la cerimonia con uno stile musicale di alto livello e sempre adatto in ogni circostanza per poi dare via ad un vero e proprio party, quello che abbiamo sempre desiderato. È stata una festa indimenticabile, con un finale pazzesco! Tutto perfetto, grazie di tutto! Vi porteremo nel nostro cuore sempre. Arianna e Daniel."
– Arianna Mottola, 21 August 2021, wedding in Puglia
Verified booking Verified booking on FixTheMusic

"Una serata indimenticabile! La musica, come il cibo e la location, è qualcosa di fondamentale per la riuscita di un matrimonio. Posso soltanto ringraziare questi ragazzi per averci divertito ed emozionato, per essere stati la cornice perfetta di un giorno indimenticabile. Professionalità, cortesia, massima disponibilità. Qualcosa di diverso dal solito gruppo che si vede ai matrimoni. Eccezionali!"
– Selene Lupino, 2 October 2020, corporate party in Rome
Verified booking Verified booking on FixTheMusic

"Musicisti straordinari! Il motivo per cui sia venuto un bel matrimonio è stato anche grazie a loro. Sono ragazzi che hanno studiato la musica e questa cosa si sente. Bravissimi nel cantare e suonare pezzi del loro repertorio. Si sono resi disponibili a cambiare scaletta anche all'ultimo momento oltre ad avermi aiutato a trovare la base per una canzone che volevo dedicare a mia moglie. Il rapporto qualità/prezzo è eccezionale. A qualunque persona che mi chiederà consigli per il matrimonio, non potrò far altro che proporre i Sax 'n' Pulse!"
– Guido Varano, 14 March 2020, wedding in Rome
Verified booking Verified booking on FixTheMusic

Set List

Hallelujah – Leonard Cohen Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Can't Help Falling In Love – Elvis Presley Sunrise – Norah Jones

La Bella E La Bestia

You Are The Reason – Calum Scott

River Flows In You – Yiruma

All Of Me – John Legend

La Vita È Bella

Someone You Loved – L.capaldi Aladdin – A Whole New World

Shallow – Lady Gaga

Love Me Like You Do – Ellie Goulding Thinking Out Loud – E.sheeran

Perfect – E.sheeran

I'm Not The Only One – Sam Smith

Let Her Go – Passenger

Vivo Per Lei – A.bocelli

A Thousand Years – C.perri

What A Wonderful World – L.armstrong See You Again – C.puth


I Feel It Coming – The Weeknd Memories – Maroon 5

Ain't No Mountain – M.gaye

Girls Like You – Maroon 5

Get Lucky – Daft Punk

Stand By Me – Ben.e.king

Take Five – P. Desmond

The Girl From Ipanema - Gilberto Blinding Lights – The Weeknd

How Deep Is Your Love – Bee Gees Sunny – Standard Jazz

Let's Stay Together – Al Green

C Block - So Strung Out (deep House) Shape Of You – E.sheeran

Parga – Jimmy Sax Rework

Time – Jimmy Sax

Sway – Miichael Buble

It Don't Mean A Thing – Standard Jazz Desafinado – Standard Bossa Nova Isn't She Lovely – S.wonder

Fly Me To The Moon – F.sinatra Walking Shoes – Standard Jazz Attention – C.puth

Satin Doll – Standard Jazz Versace On The Floor – B.mars L-o-v-e – Nat King Cole Havana – C.cabello

Let's Stay Together – Al Green Ehrling – Groove

Ehrling – Champagne Ocean Ehrling – Sthlm Sunset Ehrling – Chasing Palm Trees Ehrling – All I Need

Ehrling – Dance With Me

Blue – Worakls (jimmy Sax Rework)

Senorita – C.cabello

Lullaby Of Birdland – Standard Jazz

Careless Whisper – G.michael

Dig Dis – Standard Jazz

No Man No Cry - Jimmy Sax

Piece Of Your Heart - Meduza

Versace On The Floor – B.mars

If Ain't Got You – A.keys

Just The Two Of Us – B.withers

Punga – Klingande

Changes – Faul Ad

We Don't Talk Anymore – C.puth

How Long - C. Puth

Kaoma – Lambada

Cantaloupe Island – Electro Swing Remix

Head & Heart – Joel Corry

Ride It – Regard

Breaking Me – Topic

Gaia – Chega

How Deep Is Your Love – Calvin Harris

Promises – Calvin Harris

Worakls – Porto (jimmy Sax Rework)

Perfect – Ed Sheeran (deep House Version)

Blue Bossa – Deep House Version

Jubel – Klingande

In The Air Tonight – Phil Collins (deep House Rework)


Baker Street – Michael Mind Remix

Don't You Worry Child – Swedish House Mafia (sax Rework) Play Hard – David Guetta

One Kiss – Calvin Harris

Dance Monkey - Tones Ad I (dance Version)

Memories – David Guetta (2021 Remix) Fly Project - Musica

Blue – Eiffel 65

Saxo – Laurent Wolf

Rock This Party – Bob Sinclair (everybody Dance Now) Benny Benassi – Satisfaction

Summer – Calvin Harris

Meduza – Lose Control

Push The Feelings On – Nightcrawlers Titanium – David Guetta

Destination Calabria – Remix (extended Mix) Rythm Of The Night – Corona Remix

Gigi D'agostino – L'amour Toujours Billie Jean – Michael Jackson

Sex Bomb – Tom Jones Remix Levels – Avicii

Insomnia – Faithless (avicii Remix) Rockabye – Clean Bandit

This Girl – Kungs

Mr Saxobeat – A.stan

Freed From Desire – Gala

Uptown Funk – B. Mars

Animals – Martin Garrix Stadiumx – Legend

Infinity – Guru Josh Project Remix Avicii – Wake Me Up

Para Voce – G.salto

Bts – Dynamite

Opus – Eric Prydz

Pjanoo - Eric Prydz

Don't Be Shy – Imany (filatos Remix) The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army

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