We Have Crossed the Pond - Meet our USA Based Bands!

25 AUGUST 2023
Blog post by Paul Sebastian Saliba
Estimated read time: 2 minutes

In this blog post, we'll be introducing our first set of live bands in Los Angeles for weddings & events.

We have been providing some of the best wedding & event entertainment across the UK for several years and now, we’re ready to provide entertainment for weddings & events in the USA.

Receive quotes Los Angeles wedding bands

After years of booking acts for thousands of events we have hand-picked some of the best bands in Los Angeles for weddings & events. Professional event musicians have been put together to create some of the most premier live bands in Los Angeles.

These exquisite bands will enhance your event with their high energy and elegant performances.

We’ve curated the finest showbands, jazz bands, string quartets and DJ Live experiences for memorable weddings and parties.

Ready to provide crowd-pleasing entertainment for weddings and corporate events, please meet these top event bands in Los Angeles:

1. La Vie

La Vie has one objective – to redefine ‘the event band’. 🪩

They believe private and corporate events should have the same level of showmanship, talent & originality as your favourite artists’ live show. 🕺🏿

Los Angeles attracts the most talented musicians & singers from across the globe. 🎉

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2. High Class Strings

Introducing High Class Strings, a world-class wedding and events string quartet renowned for their exceptional talent, versatility, and captivating performances. 🎻

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3. Old Fashioned Jazzers

Presenting Old Fashioned Jazzers, a sophisticated and cutting-edge jazz band made up of some of Los Angeles' most in-demand performers. 🎙️

This Los Angeles events band is a nimble and vivacious trio that can be moulded to fit any event brief, from laid-back background sets to exuberant guest interaction. 🎷

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4. Rock the Rhythm

Los Angeles based and internationally renowned, Rock The Rhythm is a dynamic and electrifying four-piece all-male rock event band that has been setting stages ablaze at weddings and events worldwide. 🤘

With their infectious high energy performance, exceptional musicianship, and a passion for delivering unforgettable performances, Rock The Rhythm is the ultimate choice for those seeking an exhilarating live music experience. 🥁

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5. Remix Riot

Remix Riot: Unleashing the Ultimate DJ Live Experience 🎷

Prepare to be captivated by Remix Riot, your gateway to an extraordinary musical journey from this LA-based music group. 🪘

We take great pride in presenting our unparalleled DJ Live experience, tailored to exceed your expectations with crowd-pleasing entertainment. 🎻

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