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London, UK
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About DJ+Sax+Drums – professional live DJ, sax & drums group based in London
3 reviews

DJ+Sax+Drums offer something unique and exciting at weddings and events worldwide.

The collaboration is suitable for creating a laidback vibe as well as a party atmosphere.

From weddings to private and corporate events, club nights to brunch parties, years of experience in this format allow the artists to tailor their performance to any audience.

DJ+Sax+Drums is managed by saxophonist Alex Sax, who is one of FixTheMusic's most booked sax players for weddings and events.

Alex performs in DJ+Sax+Drums alongside DJ of London's finest professional DJs.

We're regularly booked to perform for weddings and events at Brinsop Court Manor House in Hereford, UK.

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More information about DJ+Sax+Drums

The percussion consists of Latin inspired sounds such as bongos, congas, timbales and sometimes electronic sounds and shakers.

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The instruments cut through the beat sonically and make the overall performance more exciting and energetic.

The saxophonist predominantly plays the alto sax, due to the choice of sound and the element of clas it adds, which compliments the style of Dom's music selection.

They use the instrument to add atmospheric boosts whilst knowing exactly when and how to play.

They have the ability to perform wirelessly, which allows them to interact with the audience seamlessly.

The artists have all performed internationally, supported world-famous acts and entertained for globally recognisable brands.


  • 02 Academy
  • 100 Wardour Street
  • Augustus Beach Club, Italy
  • Buddha Bar London
  • Byblos Croatia
  • Claridges
  • DicksTeaBar, Val-d'Isère
  • Egg London
  • HardRock Hotel
  • Home House
  • Madison Rooftop Bar
  • Monaco Grand Prix
  • Savoy Hotel
  • The Arts Club
  • Wembley Stadium

Here are just some of the locations where we have been booked by clients on FixTheMusic for weddings and events...

  • The Barn at Botley Hill, Limpsfield Road, Warlingham, UK
  • Brinsop Court Manor House & Barn, Hereford, UK
  • Chingford, London, UK

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3 verified reviews

“Everyone had a really amazing time. They were fantastic, very cool and exactly what we were hoping for. We didn’t fully appreciate what a difference the live element in the form of the sax and percussion would make, but we were amazed by how well they worked together.”
– Toni Shaw, 21 December 2021, wedding in London
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“Not only was their set creative, memorable and entertaining, but their professionalism made them a pleasure to work with. They were extremely organised from booking to performance and all communication was fantastic. There was talk of their performance around town for a considerable time afterwards.”
– James Tulley, 12 September 2021, Artistic Director @ Dicks Tea Bar, Val D’Isere, France
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“We Booked DJ+Sax+Drums because we couldn’t decide whether we wanted a DJ or a band. The music was absolutely spot on and all three musicians were full of energy and highly entertaining.”
– Mark Savage, 12 February 2021, party in London
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