Wandering Three
Acoustic Roaming Band
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Wandering Three
Acoustic Roaming Band
£2,500 - £6,500
Booked 152 times on FixTheMusic ⚡

About Wandering Three – acoustic roaming band based in London

Wandering Three are London’s fresh, high-energy acoustic roaming band.

We can play anytime, any place, and we’ll deliver all your favourite classics as well as current chart hits in our totally unique style, featuring finely tuned 3 part vocal harmonies, acoustic guitars and our signature virtuosic fiddling!

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We're regularly booked to perform for weddings and events at Hotel La Perla in Italy, Tivoli Carvoeiro Algarve Resort in Portugal, Hotel Croatia Cavtat in Dubrovnik, Château Rigaud in France and Hedsor House in Buckinghamshire, UK.

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More information about Wandering Three

With no need for a PA, Wandering Three take no time to set up and can perform anywhere you need. We can roam around the guests at your event, entertaining them in small groups and playing their requests. Or show us a stage and we’ll fiddle the house down!

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Our highly experienced globetrotting band members have performed in 6 continents. We’ve played everywhere from the French Alps to the Yasawa Islands in Fiji… and from Blackpool to Bournemouth, gracing the stages of the Royal Albert Hall, Shakespeare’s Globe, Walt Disney Hall (LA) and Carnegie Hall (NYC).

We’ve shared stages with Sting, McFly, Bill Bailey, Elbow, Bjork, Dizzee Rascal, James Morrison and Calvin Harris. We’ve performed in West End shows including Mamma Mia!, Dirty Dancing, Jersey Boys, Motown and School of Rock.

We’ve won prime time TV competitions in UK and France (Stars in Their Eyes and Le Cover), as well as appeared on the BBC Proms and Classical Brit Awards.

We’ve entertained corporate clients at Microsoft, Merrill Lynch Bank Of America and Amstel. We’re ready to make your event amazing… any time, any place.

Wandering Three were recently booked on FixTheMusic to entertain guests at a Facebook event at BOZAR in Brussels, Belgium.

Here are just some of the locations where we have been booked by clients on FixTheMusic for weddings and events...

  • Tivoli Carvoeiro Algarve Resort
  • Château Rigaud, France
  • 11 Downing Street, London
  • Hotel Croatia Cavtat, Dubrovnik
  • The Goring Hotel, Beeston Place
  • The Groucho Club
  • Mykonos, Greece
  • Hotel La Perla, Tyrol, Italy
  • Areias do Seixo Hotel, Portugal
  • Wilderness Reserve, Saxmundham
  • Brussels, Belgium
  • Hedsor House, Bourne End
  • Port de Pollença, Spain
  • Walltree House Farm, Hinton Airfield
  • The Light Bar & Dining, Shoreditch
  • Eastwell Manor Champneys Hotel
  • Hackney Town Hall
  • The Hackney, 503 Hackney Road
  • Newland Hall Fishery, Chelmsford
  • Kew Gardens, Richmond, UK
  • Syrencot House, Salisbury, UK
  • The Ferry House, Kent
  • The Depot, North Road, London
  • Bush House, Aldwych, London
  • The Vines of Rochester, UK
  • Asylum Chapel, London
  • Primrose Hill Farm, Banbury, UK
  • Temple Guiting Manor and Barns
  • Crondon Park, Stock, Ingatestone
  • Willow Grange Farm, Cambridge
  • Pelham House, Lewes
  • Waterway Restaurant, Warwick Avenue
  • Fidelio Cafe, Clerkenwell Road
  • Nursted Barns, Buriton, Hampshire
  • Gray's Inn, London, UK
  • Upthorpe Wood, Bury Saint Edmunds
  • Cissbury Barns, West Sussex
  • Barnsley House, Cirencester, UK
  • North Cadbury Court, Yeovil, UK
  • The International Centre, Telford
  • Blake Hall, Essex
  • Redditch, Worcestershire
  • Smith Terrace, London, UK
  • Wellington College, Berkshire
  • Copthorne, Crawley
  • Reigate
  • Elmore, Gloucester
  • Tortworth
  • Scrubs Lane, London, UK
  • Gravesend, Kent, UK
  • Elton, Peterborough, UK
  • Church Lane, Bletchingley, Redhill
  • Pleshey, Chelmsford, UK
  • East Stratton, Hampshire
  • Regent Street, London
  • Wandsworth, London, UK
  • Clarendon Road, Watford
  • Hertford Road, Tewin, Welwyn
  • Newbury
  • Chelsea, London
  • Farbridge, Chichester

So if you're looking to hire the finest acoustic roaming band London has to offer, get in touch with Wandering Three.

In the COVID era, we have become very popular for virtual online corporate events and parties. The links below will take you to videos of our performance for Newydd Housing Association on 11 December 2020...

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Please check out our website for more information.

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How much do you charge?

This totally depends on your event - where it is, how long you’d like us to play for, the size of our band... please get in touch with some information about your event (including location and rough timings), and we can provide you with an accurate quote, including travel and all the equipment necessary for a performance.

How long do you play for?

Our standard service is 2 x 45 minute sets, but we are able to accommodate almost any situation.

What options do you offer as a band?

Our Wandering Three promo showcases our 3 piece wandering trio. We play unamplified, without a PA system, and we can play almost anywhere within minutes of arriving. This option is ideal for drinks receptions (events or weddings). We can be as interactive as required - taking requests is our speciality, but we’re also happy providing unobtrusive background music.

What about Evening Events / Larger Parties?

For parties where you’re looking to get everyone dancing, we require a PA system. If you book the 3 piece, we bring a bass drum to provide a beat (as heard in our promo videos) and we play with electric bass and acoustic guitar rather than 2 acoustic guitars. If you have over approx 75 guests, we can also offer a 4 piece band. 4 piece adds a drummer, or cajon / percussion for acoustic gigs. For gigs in the UK we would usually provide our own PA (this should be made clear in your quotes).

Can we request some songs?

Our favourite and most successful gigs are those where the client allows us to play what we play best, as well as read the room on the night and play what we feel our crowd will most enjoy. We are happy to provide the band’s repertoire in advance - we recommend you let us know 3-5 of your absolute favourites, and also if there are a couple of songs you definitely don’t want to hear for any reason. Please bear in mind that we choose our songs to please as many of your guests as possible (wedding guests tend to vary in ages and likes/dislikes) and also that our version of a song may be different from the original. We consider ourselves a fairly interactive band and will do our best to accommodate any audience requests - we like to say “we know lots of songs, but we don’t know ALL the songs!”

What about the first dance?

For wedding bookings we offer to learn and perform your first dance live. You don’t have to have a first dance or have it played live by the band, but it is often a great way to start off the live set, and also a highlight of many couple’s big day. The band can play almost anything, within reason - just bear in mind how the lineup of the band compares with the song you have chosen. If it’s a Shirley Bassey song played with a jazz big band, it’s going to sound very different performed by an all male acoustic 3 piece! We are more than happy to put their own spin on things, if that’s what you’d enjoy - for example we often get asked to start a song “slowly” and then speed it up / play louder as everyone joins you on the dance floor.

What time do you arrive?

The band will arrive at least 30 minutes prior to their performance time. Usually this is earlier, depending on the type of booking and when the band are being fed etc. If a band are required to set up before your guests arrive, and this has not been discussed prior to booking, an extra charge will be added for early arrival time.

How long do the band need to set up?

For acoustic roaming performances, the band need very little time to set up. 10-15 minutes from arrival is enough time to be ready to perform, but we will always arrive 30 minutes early. For Trio with PA, approx. 60 minutes is required to properly set up and sound check. For 4 or 5 piece band bookings (with PA), approx 90 minutes is required. Sound check requires playing at performance volume for a short amount of time (see below for information regarding sound limiters).

Can you provide playlists between live sets?

If you hire us with PA, you are welcome to use the PA to play pre-recorded music before, between and after our live sets, within the timings agreed on our contract. We always have a party playlist with us, with a mix of old and new classics, but you are more than welcome to provide your own. Ideally bring this with you on the day, pre-downloaded on any device with a headphone socket (pre downloaded because many wedding / party venues do not have good wifi or 4G). Alternatively you can send to us in advance and we will download to our devices. You can create more than one playlist - “after dinner”, “between sets” etc.

Can the band play outside?

Wandering Three love performing outside when possible, especially when booked as an acoustic roaming band. This must be discussed in advance, and a plan B is advisable, as our extremely expensive violins are highly sensitive to even the slightest hint of rain - the ancient glue literally dissolves before your eyes and we’re left with an extremely unhappy fiddle player. If the performers feel their equipment could be damaged they will need to move indoors. If you are looking for us to perform outside with a PA system, even on the brightest of days it is highly advisable (more or less essential!) to have shelter over the equipment. We’ve had to abandon gigs due to 3 minute showers, which would not have been a problem had the equipment been covered.

Do you require hot meals?

Please note our contract asks for “hot meals” for the band members. Any band will perform better if they’re not hungry - a hot meal before or during a gig is especially welcome after a long journey fuelled by sandwiches and snacks. We do not need or expect to be seated at your reception and prefer to use this time to have a quick meal at your venue's bar/restaurant, or in a chill out room by ourselves. If you are not providing food please let us know so we can plan ahead and make our own arrangements.

Do you require drinks?

It is not necessary for the band to be supplied with alcohol. A soft drinks tab is very much appreciated, but easy access to drinking water is essential for the performers. If the band are staying overnight, they may appreciate a beer (or three) but this is not a requirement!

What power supply do you need?

To perform with PA, the band need access to ideally 4 power sockets, 2 minimum, close to the performance area.

What about parking?

For acoustic wandering gigs easily accessible via public transport, parking is not required. For all gigs where PA is required, parking is also necessary. The band need 1-4 parking spaces depending on the size of the band booked and location. Close vehicular access to the performance area is required, for the unloading of heavy equipment, cars can then be moved to parking spaces further away if necessary.

Do you have PAT / PLI certificates?

Many venues will ask for these certificates, we can supply these via email. The band are covered for up to £10 million pounds public liability and our equipment is all PAT tested.

How far do you travel?

We are based in London, but we are happy to travel almost anywhere in the world! Please bear in mind that booking a band to play a long way from home will incur extra costs, including travel, accommodation and 3-5 people’s time... if budget is on your mind it may be worth considering finding a band based nearer your event.

Do you require accommodation?

If the gig is over 2.5 hours drive from our home addresses, for the safety of our band members we ask for accommodation to be provided. Room allocation depends on size of band booked. We will usually suggest the nearest Travelodge as they have parking, 24hr receptionists and are usually en route - we find them to be the best value for clients (price) and ourselves (convenience).

Do you use deputies (deps)?

The members of Wandering Three all play together regularly. They are also busy freelance musicians, meaning the 3 people in the video are not always available to play with Wandering Three. In this instance, the band member will be replaced by one of our awesome deputies. If our featured lead singer Russ is not available at the time of enquiry, you will be notified before booking the band.

My venue has a sound limiter. Can I still hire you?

Sound limiters are starting to be installed at more and more wedding venues. They are designed to cut the power to the band’s equipment once the level of noise reaches a certain point. It then takes several seconds for the power to return, and for our equipment to reboot. If your venue has a sound limiter, the band are still able to perform, but please make sure the band know about the sound limiter prior to the performance. The presence of a sound limiter will usually mean sound check takes longer, while the band work out a level they are able to perform at, as well as waiting for power return every time it cuts out.

Which wedding band performed live music at the marriage of Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds at Downing Street on 29 May 2021?

The wedding music band that performed for the marriage of Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds at Downing Street on 29 May 2021 was acoustic roaming band Wandering Three.

32 verified reviews

"Hi Ollie, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for playing on the day of our wedding. All the guests raved about how amazing you all were. Thank you, Kerry & Chris xx"

Kerry Woolnough, 4 December 2023, wedding at Cripps Barn, Cirencester
Verified booking Verified booking on FixTheMusic

"Wandering Three were fantastic. All of our guests, including the kids and adults, loved them and I could see everyone tapping away at their renditions of pop songs even at dinner. They definitely made our day more memorable. Kind regards, Sina."

Sina Kafiabadi, 21 November 2023, event at Kew Gardens, Richmond, UK
Verified booking Verified booking on FixTheMusic

"WOW! Wandering Three truly far excedeed any expecations we had (and our expectations were high!)! Every guest at our wedding is still raving about these guys. So personable, engaging and fun. They went above and beyond to make our special day so perfect. Can't recommend them enough. Thank you guys again for everything!!!!"

Ali Mcdonough, 8 October 2023, wedding at Areias Do Seixo, Portugal
Verified booking Verified booking on FixTheMusic

"The Wandering Three’s performance at our wedding night was honestly beyond words. Their energy, passion, and talent brought such a special atmosphere to our celebration. What we loved most was how they skillfully tailored the music and track choice to the room, and their huge repertoire meant that all our guests (and us) had THE best time ever, we didn’t want them to leave! Set up was totally seamless. One minute they weren’t there and the next they had everything out and were completely ready to go. Would highly recommend them to make your wedding or event unforgettable. This band is phenomenal! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

Chloe Hounsom, 3 October 2023, wedding at The Hackney, London, UK
Verified booking Verified booking on FixTheMusic

"Hi Ollie, We had an incredible day and evening. Thanks so much to you and the guys for coming down to London to perform for us. You had rave reviews from everyone we spoke to, and we certainly couldn’t have asked for any better from a band ourselves, we absolutely loved it! We’ve given your details to the photographer, who I think will look to credit you guys in anything he shares! Once we get the video through we’ll credit you in that as well! You certainly couldn’t have done any more for us, we were absolutely happy with the communication from start to finish! Many thanks, Nick & Abi."

Nick Martin, 18 September 2023, wedding at The Depot, London, UK
Verified booking Verified booking on FixTheMusic

"The guys were great! Arrived in plenty of time and played for longer than expected because the audience were having such fun. They were completely versatile and responsive to song requests and seemed to be able to play just about anything. They added huge value to the occasion and I would definitely book them again for other events. Thank you for helping to make our party so memorable."

Kevin Gaskell, 12 September 2023, party in Newbury, UK
Verified booking Verified booking on FixTheMusic

"Dear The Wandering Three, We’re still in awe of the incredible impact you had on our wedding day, and we wanted to express our deepest gratitude for making it a truly unforgettable occasion. Your talent and energy brought an exceptional atmosphere that was beyond anything we could have imagined. From the moment you started playing, it was clear that we were in for something special. Your music resonated with everyone, creating a vibrant and joyous ambience that lasted throughout the entire day. The way you seamlessly moved from the ceremony to the reception drinks and the wedding breakfast was nothing short of outstanding. The joy and delight that you brought to our guests were evident in their smiles and laughter. You had everyone on their feet, and the energy in the room was electric. Your performance wasn’t just music; it was an experience that elevated our celebration to new heights. Having you as part of our special day was an absolute privilege. You exceeded our expectations in every way, and we are beyond grateful that you could share your incredible talent with us. The memories you helped create are treasures we’ll cherish forever. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your extraordinary contribution to our wedding day. You made it an event that will forever be etched in our hearts. With heartfelt thanks and appreciation, The Pantings."

Rebecca Smart, 10 August 2023, wedding at The Ferry House, Leysdown-on-Sea, Sheerness, UK
Verified booking Verified booking on FixTheMusic

"Hi Ollie, We wanted to send a message to say an enormous THANK YOU to Jimmy, Russ and Mitch. Wow, they were spectacular!! We had a vision for the Sunday of our wedding, and Wandering Three absolutely knocked it out of the park. Amazing voices, super fun, high energy, and just the loveliest people. Everybody thought that they were incredible. If we can leave a public review somewhere then please let us know as we would love to give a glowing reference. We are already trying to work out how we can throw another party to get the band to play again 😃 Very best wishes, Rachel and Alex."

Rachel Zagajewski, 21 June 2023, wedding at Wilderness Reserve, Yoxford Road, Saxmundham, Suffolk
Verified booking Verified booking on FixTheMusic

"Hi Ollie, Just wanted to say a mahoosive thank you to the band last night. They were amazing! We’ve had so many people saying how great they were and everyone was up dancing within seconds. No one wanted them to leave 😂 We had an epic day. Once again many many thanks, Emma and Ian xx."

Emma Ranger, 15 May 2023, wedding at Crondon Park, Ingatestone, Essex
Verified booking Verified booking on FixTheMusic

"They were absolutely fantastic. I hope we can work with them again! Honestly if I wasn’t already married, I’d want them to perform at my wedding – they were that good!"

Charlotte Yates, 4 May 2023, corporate event at Tobacco Dock, London
Verified booking Verified booking on FixTheMusic

"Choosing the right band for our wedding was really important to us - we love our music, but also wanted to make sure there was something for our guests of all ages and music tastes. The Wandering Three did not disappoint - what a talented trio! We received so many compliments from guests and the dance floor was never empty. They accommodated our requests and even took random requests (the spice girls?!) on the day. They were really easy to work with on the day and we didn't have to worry about a thing. They turned up and started playing and made sure everything was sorted for our first dance and once they had finished their sets. A super wedding band - thank you!"

Adam Matliss, 28 April 2023, wedding in Redditch, Worcestershire
Verified booking Verified booking on FixTheMusic

"From start to finish, The Wandering Three brought the vibe and energy we were hoping for. Not a moment passed where the dance floor was not full of people, the guys are incredibly talented and offered to take song requests, they even managed to play one request for an acoustic version of Escape (The Pina Colada Song)! Such is the depth of talent the Wandering Three have. Since the wedding, a lot of our friends have said how good they were and how they really created an amazing atmosphere. We would certainly recommend!! Chris & Courtney."

Chris & Courtney Jaehme, 26 January 2023, wedding at The Light Bar & Dining, Shoreditch High Street, London, UK
Verified booking Verified booking on FixTheMusic

"Hi Ollie, Hope you’re well and have had a good week! Thanks so much for your message and thank you even more so for performing at our wedding. You went down an absolute storm and everyone loved your performances. Having you do the two sets before and after the wedding breakfast worked a treat, as the second performance after the breakfast really got people in the party mood for the rest of the night. Thank you for taking so many requests, the interaction with people was great and I had so many people come and say to me in the wedding breakfast how good you were and were excited to have you come back out again for the second time. Me and Laura were out doing photos for the start of the second performance but to come back in again to a completely different atmosphere, seeing everyone congregated together, singing and dancing along, was awesome and really helped ramp up the tone for the rest of the wedding. The guys were amazing, really engaging and personable, and Laura and I really appreciate your flexibility with the delay in timings after the wedding breakfast. We would 100% recommend you to other weddings or events and will of course send through any pictures/videos we get which you’re more than welcome to use on your social media. Regarding the prep, couldn’t have asked for more. You kept us up to date, were really flexible with what we wanted to do with the times and performances. If there’s anything else we can send through to help you guys out, please let me know. Thanks so much again for being a part of our big day, keep smashing it and hopefully see you all again soon, Brad."

Brad Savage, 8 September 2022, wedding at Syrencot House, Figheldean, Salisbury, UK
Verified booking Verified booking on FixTheMusic

"Hi there! Just wanted to say thanks so much to you all! Everyone (including us) loved the music - especially loved how you adapted Feeling Good and how you made the walk from Asylum to AMP a real event in its own right! One of the guests took this photo and I thought you might like it so am sending it on :) And - Ollie - I really appreciated how relaxed yet highly professional you were. You really helped make the ordinary extraordinary. Thank you! Alex & Steve."

Alexandra Cunliffe, 16 August 2022, wedding at Asylum Chapel and AMP Studios, London
Verified booking Verified booking on FixTheMusic

"Hi Ollie, Just wanted to thank you again for the incredible performance on Friday! You guys had incredible energy, made all the difference at the party. Thanks, Beatriz."

Maria Beatriz Coelho, 7 July 2022, party at Smith Terrace, London, UK
Verified booking Verified booking on FixTheMusic

"Well Ollie I'm not sure where to begin with all the positives! Firstly with yourself, our wedding was delayed twice setting us back from 2020 through to 2022 and you stuck with us every step of the way. You constantly kept the lines of communication open, honored our booking and the original pricing and you handle yourself in such a professional yet personable manner which made every step of the arrangement extremely pleasant. Thanks so much and I hope that you gain the popularity and business that you and the guys deserve. Now onto the guys who played on our big day, what a show they put on! The recommendation that we have an unplugged set during the private boat trip from the ceremony to the reception was excellent. The guys enthusiasm and talent took the boat trip to a level we did not enough think possible. Our guests were dancing as we cruised the Adriatic with the beautiful Croatian scenery passing us by as we headed to our destination. The song choice, the carrying voices and how they interacted with our guests was truly exceptional and made memories that will last our lifetime. Once at our reception the guys were straight to business and quickly setup and ready for our entrance and after the meal for our first dances. I am so impressed that I genuinely now think the guys would have absolutely nailed the Celine Dion song if we asked them to play it I cannot recommend these guys enough and if you look through the reviews before my own they speak volumes as to how professional, capable and talented The Wandering Three truly are. Hope to see you guys again, almost worth another wedding just for that!"

Ian Duncan, 7 July 2022, wedding at Hotel Croatia, Cavtat, Croatia
Verified booking Verified booking on FixTheMusic

"Hi Ollie, Oh my goodness what a day it was, can’t stop thinking about it. You guys were absolutely amazing, you wouldn’t believe the compliments we got from our guests (and everyone at the hotel). My only regret from the day was that I didn’t get a chance to listen to all of your sets!! Of course as soon as I get the photos from the photographer I’ll get some across to you and if any good amateur ones come through from guests I can send those too. Nothing more you could have done in the lead up. Friendly, professional and patient with my awful delayed replying ;) I have provided a little written testimonial below...We booked The Wandering Three after a long search for a band to suit our festival style wedding. The music was a key part of our day and it was important that it suited our relaxed, friendly vibe. From their surprise entrance through to a rounding rendition of Wonderwall these guys were everything we hoped for, and more! Our guests were made to feel immediately at ease which resulted in fun exchanges; plenty of requests; lots of singing and all round enjoyment. Zero pretence and the epitome of professionalism; they looked brilliant and sounded even better. Incredibly talented musicians. Thank you for helping to make our special day so wonderfully memorable. Cannot recommend these guys enough. Beyond brilliant!! Katy xxx"

Katy Hunter, 24 May 2022, wedding at The Vines of Rochester, Kent, UK
Verified booking Verified booking on FixTheMusic

"Dear Ollie, A little belated but Nic and I wanted to express our heartfelt thanks to the guys for their brilliant music and fantastic performance at what was a truly perfect weekend (not mentioning Nic’s foot!) We, along with our friends and families had an incredible time at Chateau Rigaud and cannot thank you enough for your hard work and for being so flexible on Sunday with the timing of your sets to ensure Nic was able to listen after coming back from hospital. We have had so many lovely messages from our guests, many of whom commented on how brilliant the musicians were! I hope you all managed to have a well-deserved rest and a bit of time off before moving on to the next project/wedding. Wishing you a lovely rest of the summer. With all our love, Abbey & Nic (Carter!) xxxx"

Abbey & Nic Carter, 9 April 2022, wedding at Château Rigaud, Mouliets-et-Villemartin, France
Verified booking Verified booking on FixTheMusic

"What a night!! Please pass on my sincere thanks to the band tonight for their expert entertainment. Our young people thoroughly enjoyed the evening and the music was perfectly pitched. Thank you!!!!"

Caroline Killeavy, 4 January 2022, party at Tequilas Restaurant, Lincoln
Verified booking Verified booking on FixTheMusic

"Hi Ollie, Thanks so much for playing at our wedding, we ABSOLUTELY loved you guys, you brought so much energy to the event and were just perfect for what we wanted for the night. Thank you so much for being so flexible our guests were raving about you and ‘Wake Me Up’ was my absolute fav! I have attached some professional images taken at our wedding as a little thank you in case they come in handy for any promotion and of course we will be leaving you a glowing review. Thanks so much again, I sincerely hope we come up with an event to have the opportunity to book you again in the future. You guys are AWESOME."

Charlotte Humphreys, 18 October 2021, wedding at Hedsor House, Taplow, Bourne End, UK
Verified booking Verified booking on FixTheMusic

"Jimmy and Mitch were absolutely fantastic! Such lovely guys and so talented! Our staff loved them and I only wish that they could have stayed for longer. The time seemed to go so quickly. Please do pass on huge thanks to them and we will certainly be sure to recommend you guys and yes, I hope we do get to work together at another event in the near future. Thank you again, kind regards, Francesca Coysh."

Francesca Coysh, 9 September 2021, corporate event at Gray's Inn, London, UK
Verified booking Verified booking on FixTheMusic

"Wandering Three were absolutely sensational. Amazing musicians and really nice guys to boot. Not only did they have a great repertoire of songs but they also tackled requests, and if their improvised version of Fleetwood Mac’s The Chain doesn’t become a mainstay I’ll be surprised. Our guests have all insisted they were one of the highlights of the day and we couldn’t agree more. We cannot recommend them highly enough!’"

Charlotte Scurrah, 6 August 2021, wedding at High Billinghurst Farm, Godalming
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"The Wandering Three played at our wedding and were amazing. They had us singing and dancing over our drinks reception even though it was the early afternoon! Thanks for taking our requests and being such fun."

Harriet Wood, 30 July 2021, wedding at Loft Studios, Kensal Green, London
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"Thank you SO much, all anyone has talked about is how incredible you all were and you really did make our whole day. We will have loads of videos and pictures as soon as we have the last lot through from the guests/photographer I will send them through. We will never be able to thank you enough for being so awesome, you are all so talented, you have 50 news fans! Thanks again!"

Natalie Hands, 8 July 2021, wedding at Newland Hall Fishery, Chelmsford, UK
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"These fantastic gentlemen played at our 60th birthday celebrations over the weekend...they were absolutely phenomenal! Completely understood the vibe and clicked well with all our guests! We were made to feel at ease the moment they arrived - true professionals! Cannot recommend them enough...super talented! Thank you for a fantastic afternoon’s entertainment."

Jemma Wade, 5 June 2021, birthday party in London
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"Ollie, That was absolutely fantastic! The staff all thought you were amazing and I have had loads of phenomenal feedback for our virtual event! It worked 400 times better than I imagined it would! We would be so keen to have you back when we can do a real-life staff event next year...I've had so many requests for you to return in the flesh!"

Jason Wroe (Chief Executive of Newydd Housing Association), 11 December 2020, virtual corporate event
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"Awesome wandering band. Lovely guys to work with."

Chris Powell, 22 November 2020, corporate event at The Shard, London
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"These guys are amazing!! Couldn't have asked for better entertainment."

Jenni Monday, 1 October 2020, wedding at The Landmark Hotel, London
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"Last weekend, we had the pleasure of having the Wandering Three at our wedding. They are incredible and made the evening one to remember. The band were the topic of conversation all week with our guests. You’re all amazing singers and musicians and I would like to thank you for making our wedding special and unique 🥰 I will be recommending Wandering Three to everyone who is looking for a band."

Stacey Sitwell, 16 February 2020, wedding in London
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"Jim, Jim and Jimmy were absolutely incredible on the night! When I saw the samples I was keen to make sure that we secured The Wandering Three but even then we couldn’t have expected them to be as good as they proved to be. They played the room perfectly and if I were them I would add Sweet Disposition to the playlist. It meant an awful lot to us. We have had rave reviews ever since and we will certainly be recommending them."

Tom Ferguson, 12 February 2020, wedding in Southampton
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"They are an amazing acoustic band who performed at our wedding during our drinks reception in August 2019. These guys created a great atmosphere and all of our guests commented on how talented and engaging they were. From the initial communications all the way through to the big day, they were excellent and I couldn't recommend them highly enough. Thanks again, Daniel and Jonathan."

Daniel Fortune, 26 August 2019, wedding in Elmore, Gloucester, UK
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"We had an amazing wedding day and part of that was down to the fantastic Wandering Three, they were brilliant and had our guests up and dancing constantly. The guys did one roaming while the guests were still seated after the wedding breakfast and our guests were following them around to make sure they didn’t miss a moment. The guys then followed up with two amazing PA sets. We’d been really looking forward to the Wandering Three playing and we were not disappointed. All three sets were fantastic, we’re just wondering what event we can host next to get them back :). Lauren & Simon"

Lauren Mayle, 25 July 2019, wedding at Maidens Barn, Essex
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Audio samples
Don't Look Back in Anger
Gangsta's Paradise
I Will Wait - Mumford and Sons
Shape Of You - Ed Sheeran
Under The Boardwalk
Wake Me Up - Avicii
Virtual Event (October 2021)
Set List
50s & 60s

My Girl – Temptations

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You – Frankie Valli

Under The Boardwalk – The Drifters

Stand By Me – Ben E.king

Dock Of The Bay – Otis Redding

Fly Me To The Moon – Frank Sinatra

Great Balls Of Fire – Jerry Lee Lewis

Johnny B.goode – Chuck Berry

Jailhouse Rock - Elvis

Hound Dog - Elvis

Jailhouse Rock - Elvis

Rock Around The Clock – Bill Haley

I Saw Her Standing There – The Beatles

Twist And Shout – The Beatles

She Loves You - The Beatles

I Saw Her Standing There - The Beatles

(your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher And Higher – Jackie Wilson

Brown Eyed Girl – Van Morrison

You Really Got Me – The Kinks

I’m A Believer – The Monkees

Brown Sugar - The Rolling Stones

My Generation – The Who

Walk The Line - Jonny Cash

Ring Of Fire - Jonny Cash

70s & 80s

American Pie – Don Mclean

Country Roads - John Denver

Sweet Caroline - Neil Diamond

Lovely Day – Bill Withers

Can’t Help Falling In Love – Elvis/ub40

Crazy Little Thing Called Love – Queen

Signed Sealed Delivered – Stevie Wonder

Superstition – Stevie Wonder

Don’t Stop – Fleetwood Mac

Go Your Own Way - Fleetwood Mac

Everywhere - Fleetwood Mac

Walking On Sunshine – Katrina And The Waves

The Way You Make Me Feel - Michael Jackson

Billie Jean - Michael Jackson

Stuck In The Middle – Steelers Wheel

Summer Of 69 – Bryan Adams

All Right Now – Free

Take On Me - Aha

Mamma Mia! - Abba

Dancing Queen - Abba

Hotel California - The Eagles

500 Miles - The Proclaimers

Rockin' All Over The World - Status Quo

Wonderful Tonight – Eric Clapton

Living On A Prayer – Bon Jovi

Dancing In The Moonlight – Thin Lizzy

Bamboleo - Gypsy Kings


Faith – George Michael

Gangsters Paradise - Coolio

Livin La Vida Loca – Ricky Martin

Mysterious Girl – Peter Andre

Englishman In New York - Sting

Land Down Under - Men At Work

No Diggity – Blackstreet

Parklife – Blur

Country House - Blur

Wonderwall – Oasis

She’s Electric – Oasis

Don’t Look Back In Anger - Oasis

Champagne Supernova – Oasis

Seven Days - Craig David

Keep On Movin’ – Five

Wannabee - Spice Girls

No Scrubs - Tlc

C’est La Vie - B*witched

Back For Good - Take That

Hero – Enrique Iglesias

Dance The Night Away - The Mavericks

00s & Beyond...

Mr. Brightside – The Killers

Shape Of You – Ed Sheeran

Castle On The Hill - Ed Sheeran

Wake Me Up - Avicii

Pencil Full Of Lead – Paolo Nutini

Budapest – George Ezra

Dancing In The Moonlight - Toploader

Angels - Robbie Williams

Let Me Entertain You - Robbie Williams

Valerie – Amy Winehouse

Last Nite – The Strokes

Marry You - Bruno Mars

Uptown Funk - Bruno Mars

Teenage Dirtbag - Wheatus

I Predict A Riot - Kaiser Chiefs

Happy – Pharell Williams

Rude – Magic

Just The Way You Are – Bruno Mars

I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor - Arctic Monkeys

All The Small Things – Blink 182

Sex On Fire – Kings Of Leon

Use Somebody – Kings Of Leon

I Will Wait – Mumford And Sons

Little Lion Man – Mumford And Sons

Obviously – Mcfly

All About You - Mcfly

Year 3000 - Busted

I’m Yours – Jason Mraz

Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol

Rockabye - Clean Bandit

Watermelon Sugar - Harry Styles

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