The Top 7 Jazz Bands in Paris For 2024 (With Prices)

14 JANUARY 2021 (Updated 16 OCTOBER 2023)
Blog post by Adam Southall
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In this blog post, we'll list out the 7 most popular jazz bands for weddings and events in Paris on FixTheMusic, based on the number of their confirmed bookings in 2024 and 2025.

Paris is home to some of the finest jazz bands for hire in Europe...bands that perform regularly at high-end corporate events and celebrity weddings.

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You'll see that there is a good range of jazz and swing styles and that many of the jazz bands offer something a bit different to make your wedding truly memorable.

Jazz bands on FixTheMusic have public liability insurance and PAT tested equipment.

Here's the list of the 7 best jazz bands in Paris for 2024...

1. The Paris Jazz Band
2. Le Pont-Neuf Swing Band
3. Panthéon Gypsy Jazz Band
4. Silver Moon Jazz Band
5. The French Dixie Band
6. Les Années Folles
7. Moonlight Stroll Jazz Band

So let's take a closer look at the most in-demand jazz bands in Paris this year...

1. The Paris Jazz Band
Average booking price: €2,100 (as of October 2023)
Location: Paris, France

The Paris Jazz Band are a collective of professional jazz musicians based in Paris, France. Since 2009, they have been travelling throughout France and abroad for every type of event imaginable.

They have participated in the musical entertainment of more than 300 weddings, corporate cocktail receptions, birthdays, private parties, bachelor parties, festivals and concerts.

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2. Le Pont-Neuf Swing Band
Average booking price: €2,814 (as of October 2023)
Location: Paris, France

Le Pont-Neuf Swing Band are in demand to perform at weddings, corporate events and private parties in France and throughout Europe.

They have a vast repertoire from swing and jazz to blues, pop covers and gypsy jazz.

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3. Panthéon Gypsy Jazz Band
Average booking price: €3,734 (as of October 2023)
Location: Paris, France

Panthéon Gypsy Jazz Band are regarded as one of the finest Parisian jazz bands.

A young and dynamic group of musicians, they are in demand to perform throughout France at weddings, parties and high-end corporate events.

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4. Silver Moon Jazz Band
Average booking price: €2,790 (as of October 2023)
Location: Paris, France

For more than 10 years, the musicians of Silver Moon Jazz Band have performed at birthdays, weddings and private parties in Paris, Hauts-de-Seine and Normandy.

Carried by the outstanding voice of American singer Jessica, Silver Moon Jazz Band stands out for its elegance and overflowing enthusiasm.

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5. The French Dixie Band
Average booking price: €2,389 (as of October 2023)
Location: Paris, France

The French Dixie Band is a fully roaming quartet of jazz musicians who specialise in performing faithful renditions of jazz standards from around the world.

Hailing from Paris, the band take inspiration from all types of jazz and swing, from Dixieland and bossa nova to authentic Latin Jazz.

As experienced and talented musicians, The French Dixie Band can play for any occasion anywhere!

The group’s love of jazz is evident in their music, as the band perform uplifting and dedicated renditions of jazz’s finest songs.

As a roaming acoustic band, The French Dixie Band have a straightforward and easy set up that allows them full flexibility in their performances.

With a repertoire that spans some of history’s greatest songs, The French Dixie band will have everyone on their feet with their lively sets.

So, if you’re looking to hire one of Paris’ best jazz & swing bands, do not hesitate to get in touch with The French Dixie Band today!

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6. Les Années Folles
Average booking price: €1,210 (as of October 2023)
Location: Paris, France

Do you want to organise an original event, a "roaring" party, a Gatsby party? Would you like to revisit this carefree and decadent time, to reproduce one of these mythical feasts?

Of course, the decoration, the outfits and the accessories are mandatory elements to organise an unforgettable theme party...but the music is also essential!

Out of the Roaring Twenties, our musical atmosphere will immediately put all your guests in the mood.

Come share a moment of unique music, a journey back in time with Les Années Folles for a night!

Our group Les Années Folles is inspired by the music of the 20s and offers you tailor-made musical entertainment.

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Merry and festive, our repertoire consists of jazz standards, revisited in a retro spirit. Our four-player formula is ideal for beginning the evening for example before a DJ takes over (or one of your playlists).

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7. Moonlight Stroll Jazz Band
Average booking price: €3,900 (as of October 2023)
Location: Paris, France

Moonlight Stroll is an enchanting jazz & swing quartet hailing from Paris, France.

Moonlight Stroll’s magical musical talents will transport you from New York’s Broadway theatres to Paris’ timeless streets and famous districts.

The band’s eclectic set list will be sure to please everyone, playing all your favourite jazz and swing hits.

Moonlight Stroll is inherently dynamic and flexible and can play a variety of different instruments, including piano, saxophone, clarinet, double bass and more, in order to suit your every need.

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The band currently performs all over France and Europe at both private and public events, including weddings, parties and corporate events.

Moonlight Stroll have been invited to perform at a number of prestigious locations in the Alpine region of France, as well as several yearly fêtes and events.

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Some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about hiring a jazz band for your wedding or party...

What kind of music will the jazz band perform?

Our jazz bands perform a wide range of music – of course, each jazz band has a vast knowledge of the jazz standards and classics from the Great American Songbook. As well as that, our jazz bands perform a lot of swing music. Many of our jazz bands also play music from soul, rock n roll and pop. A particularly popular trend is for modern jazz bands to play pop or rock music but in a vintage and jazzy style. The Swing Of Things is a perfect example of this style. A swing band almost always includes a singer in the group. They will cover classic Rat Pack tunes (covering artists such as Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr). Many of our bands also perform in the Great Gatsby style, specialising in music from the 1920s – often with a more modern twist too and sometimes even combined with electro-swing music. This style is frequently referred to as post-modern jukebox band style. Gypsy jazz or gypsy swing (also known as jazz manouche) is also increasingly popular, as well as purely acoustic jazz bands. Trad and vintage jazz bands perform more Dixieland, ragtime music and New Orleans-inspired songs that originated in the early 1900s. These bands usually include a full brass or wind section, such as trumpet, trombone, and even sousaphone. These bands are often roaming jazz bands – and some can even perform as marching jazz bands. Blues bands are also featured on FixTheMusic as an especially popular jazz ensemble.

What kind of events will the jazz bands perform at?

On FixTheMusic, our jazz bands are booked to perform at a wide variety of events. The most common are weddings and corporate events, but they also entertain at charity functions, product launches, festivals, gala balls, hotels, restaurants and birthday parties.

Can you give me some examples of the kind of repertoire and songs the jazz bands will perform?

The most commonly requests jazz songs include: At Last (Etta James), All Of Me (jazz standard), Come Fly With Me, Fly Me To The Moon (both by Frank Sinatra), Georgia On My Mind (Ray Charles), It Don’t Mean A Thing (Duke Ellington), On The Sunny Side Of The Street and What A Wonderful World (both by Louis Armstrong). Other famous jazz singers or bands that our jazz groups will cover include Nat King Cole, Charlie Parker, Cole Porter, Billie Holliday, Jamie Cullum, Miles Davis, Otis Redding, Bing Crosby, Dean Martin, George Gershwin, Michael Bublé and Nina Simone.

What line-ups are available with most jazz bands?

Jazz acts can range from solo jazz singers, right up to big bands and full jazz orchestras. The most commonly booked size of wedding jazz band on FixTheMusic is a 5-piece jazz band. This usually includes singer (male or female vocals), bass guitar (or upright double bass), drums, piano or keyboard and guitar. If you wanted a bigger line-up (e.g. a 6-piece or 7-piece jazz band), the additional instruments would likely include saxophone, trumpet, trombone or more singers. Jazz duos and jazz trios are also frequently booked – especially for background music, e.g. at an outdoor garden party, drinks reception or even a wedding ceremony.

How long does a jazz band usually perform for?

The standard sets a jazz band will perform are 2 x 60 minute sets. This could be split into 3 x 40 minute sets if you prefer. Some bands prefer to play for a bit shorter than this (e.g. 2 x 45 minute sets). The jazz band will always confirm this with you when they respond to your enquiry. From a cost perspective, it can be a good idea to hire the jazz band to provide live music for earlier in the day, as well as for the evening party. Most jazz & swing bands can provide some live music during the wedding ceremony or afternoon champagne reception at a small additional cost. Hiring a jazz band for your wedding reception is the most common request we receive at FixTheMusic. During the band's breaks, they will provide music from a laptop or similar device. This isn't quite the same as having a professional DJ, but it does ensure your entire evening of musical entertainment is covered. The laptop DJ service is usually provided free of charge by the jazz band. The standard arrival time for a band is 5pm. This gives them enough time to get set up and carry out their soundcheck. They will then finish by 12 midnight. If you wanted them to perform later into the night (e.g. until 1am or 2am) then there would likely be an additional cost for this.

Is it possible to see the jazz bands perform live before I book?

As most professional jazz bands perform at private events the majority of the time (such as weddings and corporate functions), it can often not be possible to see your chosen band performing live before you book. That said, some public gigs do occur now and then, so feel free to ask your band if they have anything coming up.

How much space will a jazz band take up?

You should consider that most musicians would need around 1.5 square metres each, and others (e.g. a pianist or keyboard player, or drummer) would need a bit more space than this. In addition, there would need to be space for the band's PA system and speakers. Our jazz bands are happy to be flexible though – just ask them about the dimensions at your venue if you're concerned and they will let you know what the ideal band size would be.

How loud will the jazz band be?

If your wedding venue has a sound or noise limiter installed, then you will want to consider the volume of the jazz band you are hiring. You can read more about this topic in our guide to sound limiters. Many of our jazz bands can perform without amplification (i.e. as just an acoustic jazz band) – but they are only really suitable as background music or where the number of guests at your event is relatively small. If you want the band to provide music for dancing (e.g. at your wedding reception), then you'll want the band to be amplified through their PA system. Instruments such as the band's drum kit and horns like a trumpet, trombone or saxophone, could trigger a noise limiter at your venue. It's always best to speak with your jazz band about any noise limits at the time of booking.

Should I hire a jazz or swing band for my wedding?

Yes! Our jazz bands are perfect for every part of your wedding day: from providing low-key music for your ceremony (e.g. a jazz singer and acoustic guitarist), to background music for your drinks reception in the afternoon (e.g. from a jazz duo or trio, or solo jazz sax player), to a larger swing band or big band – perfect for getting your guests dancing at the evening's party.

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