Public Liability Insurance for UK Musicians and Bands

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Why do musicians need public liability insurance?

Most wedding venues in the UK require musicians who perform there to hold public liability insurance cover.

Public liability insurance provides protection from the financial consequences of legal action and compensation claims made against you if a third party (not including an employee) is injured or their property is damaged whilst at your business location (e.g. your home) or when you are working in their business property, home or office.

This includes the cost of medical treatment and transport costs incurred by the National Health Service if they claim this amount from your business after an accident.

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Up to what amount should public liability insurance protect me?

It is recommended to obtain coverage of up to £10,000,000. This level of protection is required by some local authorities and organisations in the UK.

Do wedding venues require that bands and musicians have public liability insurance?

Wedding venues, such as hotels, and other event venues in the UK often require that bands and musicians performing on their premises must possess public liability insurance.

Which provider should I choose for public liability insurance in the UK?

The Musicians’ Union provides public liability insurance up to £10,000,000 as part of their membership package.

To comply with the Musicians’ Union cover, musicians must make sure they adhere to any statutory requirements and also show a duty of care by going to reasonable lengths to prevent any damage or injury.

Does my equipment need to be Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) certified for my public liability insurance to be valid?

If you use electronic equipment, the lack of a PAT certificate does not, in itself, invalidate public liability insurance, but possessing a valid PAT certificate will be regarded favourably by insurers in the event of a claim against you.

For this reason, it is recommended to obtain both public liability insurance and PAT certification if you use electronic equipment.

What about other providers of public liability insurance for musicians in the UK?

Allianz Musical Insurance offers public liability insurance and personal accident insurance for musicians playing anywhere in the UK, but their protection is limited to £5,000,000.

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