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About Our Carefully Curated Selection of Roaming Bands in France

We at FixTheMusic have curated the finest acoustic strolling bands in France. All of our roaming bands are available to perform throughout France at weddings, corporate events and luxury parties.

The traditional strolling band is most popular in towns along the French Riviera, particularly in Cannes and around Nice. They typically comprise acoustic guitars, singers and possibly a saxophone and cajon.

A wandering band is the perfect accompaniment to a cocktail party, wedding ceremony or any other occasion where mingling with guests is required. They are particularly popular because of their lively interaction with guests.

The groups are often referred to as "troubadours". This word derives from the minstrels and singers who used to wander through France in the 12th and 13th centuries performing for noble families.

View Some of Our French Roaming Wedding Bands Performing Live...

We've curated an outstanding selection of roaming bands in France...these are bands at the top of their game and in demand to entertain at weddings and corporate events throughout the country.

If you have a wedding or event coming up, feel free to browse and submit an enquiry on FixTheMusic.

FixTheMusic is free to use – you can message bands directly and book securely on our platform.

Below is a selection of live videos recorded for FixTheMusic to showcase their talent. The links below each video will take you to their profile, where you can watch more videos, read verified reviews and enquire with the band directly.

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Why people love FixTheMusic

Where in France Do the Roaming Bands Perform?

Our acoustic roaming bands are available to travel across France for weddings, corporate events and other parties. They have performed at luxury weddings and private events in Cannes and throughout the French Riviera, throughout the Dordogne and around Bordeaux, and in Paris and northern France too.

The strolling bands are often recommended by wedding planners and exclusive venues in France, and as they are in such high demand have bookings for weddings 2022 and beyond. They are in especially high demand to perform on large luxury yachts.

More Information About Our Roaming Bands in France

So how does it work?

Amplified roaming bands

In NOMAD’s case, the lead singer uses a wireless mic of course. Backing vocals are provided by the other band members via headsets. Instruments-wise, guitar and bass are plugged into wireless battery packs and the drums are provided by a very nifty wheeled cajon.

The quality of amplified sound is impressive with deep bass and crisp highs – make no mistake, this is not sit-down entertainment, they will get you on your feet.

The band call their show a unique form of ‘dining entertainment’ and certainly they interact with the audience in a way that wasn’t technologically possible 10 years ago.

Acoustic roaming bands

There are also the world's best acoustic roaming bands or wandering bands featured on FixTheMusic – this option is very popular for smaller weddings or where your wedding venue has a strict sound limiter. A roaming wedding band will often perform a wide mix of pop covers – from the 60s to today's current hits, often with a slightly folk edge to the repertoire.

If you fancy transforming your birthday party, wedding reception or corporate event to a modern mediaeval banquet, then make an enquiry on FixTheMusic where we’ll be promoting a variety of wandering groups over the next few months.

The bands are also known as "wandering bands" – as they tend to wander in between and mingle with guests whilst playing their music and singing.

Most of the acoustic bands consist of a singer or two (usually male vocals, but often female too), acoustic guitar, cajon or other percussion and double bass. Occasionally the bands might also add a saxophone to the line-up.

Roaming brass bands

Another popular option is to book a roaming brass band – these modern brass groups are inspired by the roving New Orleans-style band but updated with a modern and often unusual twist. The bands usually feature trumpets, trombones and sousaphones, and occasionally a singer or even rapper to perform alongside them. These acoustic brass groups tend to be much louder than the acoustic guitar-based wandering bands, so are perfect for large public events (such as charity parades or marches).

Busking-style bands

Lastly, the bands are often described as a busking-style band. Indeed, part of the tradition of the roaming acoustic band does stem from busking musicians – traditionally, musicians performing live on the street would be acoustic of course as they would have no access to power or amplification.

Every roaming band for hire on FixTheMusic have public liability insurance and PAT tested equipment.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Hiring a Roaming Band for Your Wedding or Event...

Roaming bands are a brilliant choice, especially for afternoon entertainment at your wedding. They epitomise summer and are perfect for wandering through your guests at drinks receptions.

Below are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about hiring a roaming band, which we hope will act as a definitive guide for booking a wandering band for weddings and events.

What is a roaming band?

A roaming band is a group of musicians who perform without cables and wires, allowing them to roam or wander freely, rather than remaining in a more static position like regular amplified bands. The vast majority of roaming bands perform as acoustic bands, i.e. without any amplification. It is this absence of a PA system and audio cables that means the roaming bands can stroll around the venue. Roaming bands require almost no time to set up or sound check, and can simply un-pack their instruments and start performing.

Can roaming bands perform outside?

Yes! This is what they do best. If the weather is good, our roaming bands will be more than happy to play outside. Bear in mind, if the sun is too strong or if it starts to rain, the band may request to be under cover. Their instruments (especially older violins) are very susceptible to changes in the weather and can be damaged otherwise. Our roaming bands are the perfect accompaniment to outdoor parties and wedding receptions.

Can the roaming bands take requests on the day?

Yes! Our roaming bands are perfect for interacting with guests at your wedding and they will be more than happy to take requests from revellers on the day. They might not know every song thrown at them but will do their best to play as many as possible.

How long do the roaming bands perform for?

They normally perform 2 x 45 minute sets with a short break in between. As the bands generally don't use any amplification for assistance, it can be incredibly tiring for the singers if they were to perform for much longer.

How long does it take for a roaming band to set up and sound check?

Most roaming or strolling bands will arrive around an hour or so before they are scheduled to perform at your wedding or event. One of the great things about wandering bands is that they need very little time to set up – essentially they just need to unpack their instruments and then they're pretty much ready to go! And without any PA system, cables or wires to worry about, they also don't need to do any sound check. So no need to worry about the band disturbing your guests while they get ready!

What are the advantages of hiring a roaming band?

Roaming bands are one of the most exciting forms of modern entertainment on the musical scene at the moment. They are highly interactive and perfect for engaging with audience members and guests. Our roaming and wandering bands are particularly popular at corporate events and product launches in the UK. They stand out from the usual function band and immediately draw attention from guests. Wandering Three recently performed at Tobacco Dock in London to over 3,500 guests at a tech conference as the "roaming entertainment" or "walkabout entertainment". The hosts loved them and they received multiple enquiries for weddings and other private events following this event. They also recently strolled up and down Regent Street, London as part of the roving entertainment for their 200th anniversary celebrations in December, performing for the public in various shops and on the street.

How much does a roaming band or wandering band cost to hire?

This is a very popular question. The answer will depend on a few factors – such as how far they have to travel from their location to get to your venue, how long you want the musicians to perform for, and how many musicians and singers are in the roaming band. The prices usually start at around £1,800 (€2,100) for a 3-piece acoustic roving band. The most prestigious of the roving bands charge much more than this (from around £5,000 in the UK or €10,000 or more if you're hiring a roaming band from the south of France), and also if you book an amplified roaming band, then this will also be more expensive as the band will need to cover the equipment costs and the extra set-up and soundcheck time required. Each roaming band will provide you with a bespoke quote for your wedding or event when you enquire on FixTheMusic.

How long will it take to receive a quote from your roaming bands?

Most of our roaming bands are quick to respond to enquiries. The average response time is around 3 or 4 hours. Some bands can send you their quote more quickly than this, but it can take a few hours to check availability with each of the band members.

Can the roaming bands provide my venue with PLI and PAT certificates?

Most UK wedding venues request bands to provide Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) and Public Liability Insurance (PLI) certificates. All of the roaming bands recommended on FixTheMusic hold PLI, usually as part of their membership of a musicians union or other organisation. As the roaming bands tend to perform acoustically and without a PA system or other electronic equipment, a PAT certificate usually isn't required, but feel free to discuss this with your band in advance.

Some Selected Reviews of Our Roaming Wedding Bands...

Review of Starboard (roaming wedding band with sax and female vocals) by Amelia White

"We were so lucky to have Starboard for our wedding at The Gherkin last weekend. They were more than amazing and made our day so special! They have an amazing ability to get everyone up dancing and create such a special atmosphere! We can’t wait to see them again and would highly recommend them for any event!"

Review of The London Brass Roamers (roaming brass wedding band) by Claire Ford

"WOW! Absolutely amazing! Made our day so special! Each guy is so talented and the music was perfect. Many of our guests asked for their details for future events. The walking band through the town made the day something the whole of Ely city talked about. Each song was great and they made our day so special and fun! Could not recommend enough!!!"

Review of Wandering Three (acoustic wandering band based in London, UK) by Daniel Fortune

"They are an amazing acoustic band who performed at our wedding during our drinks reception in August. These guys created a great atmosphere and all of our guests commented on how talented and engaging they were. From the initial communications all the way through to the big day, they were excellent and I couldn't recommend them highly enough. Thanks again, Daniel and Jonathan."

Review of The London Roaming Band (wandering wedding band with male vocals) by Fran Slager

"Where do I start, you guys were AMAZING!! Not only did Ben and I love every second, the amount of comments we got from our guests on how good you were was insane. Everyone was commenting on how different it was, how good it was that your roamed around and how great the mash ups were. We’ve even had a few ask for your details for upcoming weddings and birthdays so fingers crossed they’ll be a few bookings coming your way. Thank you also for learning our first dance song, we LOVED it! And for doing the extra set, everyone was loving the entertainment so much we just didn’t want it to end."

Review of The Ferrymen (4-piece acoustic band) by Robyn Peters

"Hello! I realised we never said THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! You lot absolutely 100% nailed it! We are both so so happy with the glorious soundtrack you provided for our party 😍 The music was amazing, and the energy you all bought was incredible. We knew it was going to be good, but had no idea it would be that good! You got the party started in ways we could never have imagined! Everyone had the best time dancing to your sound, we could not have wished for more xxx Videos have started to come through, and we’ll be sure to send them over! There aren’t words for how grateful we are, just thank you thank you thank you!!!"

Review of The Mad Socks (acoustic strolling band) by Ivonna Poplanska

"Just wanted to say a huge thank you. We thought you were fantastic! Thank you for singing LOVE with everybody. Everybody enjoyed you guys so much and I hardly left the dance floor. Thank you for including the songs that we love. Really really appreciate it. Hope you had a wonderful time with us and for the rest of the weddings you have this summer. Many thanks from the bottom of our hearts. We were delighted to have you playing at our wedding. Please let the rest of the band know how much we loved you guys!"

Review of Roaming Beats (acoustic mashup band) by Chris Littler

"The Roaming Beats were just amazing on our wedding day, and I could not recommend them highly enough. Right from the start, Dom and the guys had people singing and dancing and we've had so many positive comments from our guests since the wedding. They're also really nice guys and were very helpful in the build up to the wedding."

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