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An Amazing Selection of Professional Ceilidh Bands in London

FixTheMusic has an amazing selection of young and modern ceilidh bands working across the UK's capital city, and we have links with some inspiring venues situated across London and the Home Counties.

Our website has received enquiries for bookings at Grace Belgravia Health Wellbeing Lifestyle Club, Battersea Art Centre and Muswell Hill Golf Club, to name a few, and are musicians have played at prestigious venues including The Ritz, Wolseley and Mandarin Oriental, as well as at beautiful venues outside of London such as Leez Priory in Essex and Allington Castle in Kent.

If you're struggling to find the right ceilidh band to hire for your wedding reception, birthday party or other private event in London, submit an enquiry form and FixTheMusic will put you in contact with some amazing acts.

Whether you’re sorting music for your wedding, 18th, 30th, 40th, 50th or 80th birthday party, or you’re hosting an office or corporate party, book the perfect local ceilidh band to celebrate the occasion and get all your guests dancing!

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At FixTheMusic, we list top-quality ceilidh bands that have been selected by invitation only.

When you submit an enquiry, you'll receive quotes directly from available bands so you can compare them by watching their videos, reading their reviews and by asking them any questions you might have via our secure messaging system.

FixTheMusic is free to use – we're a secure platform for liaising with and booking outstanding musicians worldwide

To get quotes from similar bands, submit an enquiry and receive bespoke offers for your event within hours.

Why people love FixTheMusic
Whether You Want a Traditional Ceilidh or Barn Dance, Our Bands Cover All Musical Styles

FixTheMusic is proud to present a talented range of London-based ceilidh bands who work in a number of musical styles.

We have acoustic lineups who play authentic instruments like the fiddle, flute, tin whistle, accordion, hammered dulcimer and bodhrán drum, and who specialise in traditional Gaelic music such as jigs, reels, hornpipes, polkas, slip-jigs, strathspeys and waltzes from both Scotland and Ireland.

We also have a hand-picked selection of modern ceilidh bands for hire who add drums, electric guitar, electric violin and vocals to the mix, and are able to perform contemporary pop covers in the ceilidh style, as well as related hybrid forms such as English folk music, folk rock, Irish rock and traditional Americana and country music.

Old-time American barn dances are proving increasingly popular with FixTheMusic’s clients, and very much suit the rise of rustic and natural wedding receptions. Alongside barn dancing and country music, our ceilidh bands also cater to line dancing, northeastern rants and other folk-related dance forms such as the Irish stepdance and set dancing.

Many of our musicians graduated from the city's best music colleges, including the Royal Academy of Music, Royal College of Music, Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London College of Music and the Academy of Contemporary Music, and have extensive gigging experience at nearby venues, as well as across the rest of the UK. Click below for audio and video clips of some of the most talented ceilidh bands London has to offer.

How Much Does a Ceilidh Band in London Cost to Hire?

Prices vary according to the size of the band, how many sets they play and how far they have to travel to get to your event.

Our system ensures that great ceilidh bands operating across Greater London are notified first to minimise travel costs, so you can be sure you’re getting the best price. We are fast gaining a reputation for hosting some of the best ceilidh bands London, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Surrey, and Sussex have to offer.

Ceilidh bands on FixTheMusic generally start at £650, which is what you would pay to book a three-piece lineup to perform 2 x 45-minute sets or similar.

The average price for hiring a ceilidh band in London is £956, which includes a caller who is able to teach your guests the dance steps and lead them through each dance. It is especially important to book the right ceilidh caller as this sets the tone for your evening's entertainment.

To get an accurate quote, it’s best to talk to the band themselves. Make an enquiry to be put in direct contact with our best local musicians, and you’ll be able to discuss details such as dress code (several of our bands perform in kilts and other traditional Highland dress), your favourite songs, PA hire, lighting and parking. FixTheMusic’s musicians are always willing to negotiate, particularly if you can help provide them with equipment and catering, and they actively want to make your event a success and get your guests dancing.

Our musicians have public liability insurance and PAT tested equipment, so make an enquiry today and you'll be amazed at how simple and effective FixTheMusic is.

About FixTheMusic

FixTheMusic is a one-stop shop for booking amazing professional musicians anywhere in the world. And it's completely free for event planners to use.

Founded in 2015 by two brothers who share a passion for great live music, FixTheMusic is a new way to find and book hand-picked bands and musicians for weddings, private parties, corporate events and charity events.

As professional musicians, we realised how difficult it can be for event planners to find and book musicians for their event. So we decided to make it easy.

With FixTheMusic, all you need to do is tell us what you’re looking for and our system does the heavy lifting to get you offers from our carefully curated selection of amazing musicians.

We make it simple and secure for you to connect directly with the best musicians across the globe so you can book live music for any event within minutes.

We're regularly featured on forums and blogs so take a look at FixTheMusic in the press.

FixTheMusic is trusted by the world's most prestigious brands, universities and charities

FixTheMusic's corporate and government clients include Google, Facebook, Amazon, Samsung, Singapore Grand Prix, U.S. Department of State, The Premier League, The Crown Estate, Playstation, Hewlett-Packard, Pepsi, CHANEL, Dior, Bacardi, Sky Arts, L'Oréal, House of Fraser, The Ritz, The Savoy, Johnson & Johnson, Aldi, the British Army, Ministry of Defence, Virgin Sport, WPP, W Series, KPMG, Deloitte, The Economist, G4S, Lavazza, University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, English Heritage, The Courtauld Institute of Art, The King's Fund and numerous luxury hotels and wedding planners around the world 🌍

FixTheMusic is proud to have provided live music for numerous charity fundraising events, including for WWF UK, The Zoological Society of London, The Royal British Legion, Shelter, The Genesis Research Trust and The Pituitary Foundation.

Local professional musicians and bands throughout the world

Beyond the UK, FixTheMusic has already helped clients find amazing local musicians and book UK-based bands for destination weddings and events as far afield as Cyprus, France, Malta, Monaco, Ibiza, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Croatia, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Netherlands, Iceland, Finland, Poland, Dubai, Oman, Egypt, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Guinea, India, Israel, Singapore and China.

We have become specialists in providing outstanding wedding bands for weddings in France, Italy, Greece (and the Greek islands, especially Santorini), Spain, Portugal and Croatia.

We have ambitious plans to grow internationally over the coming years — we want FixTheMusic to be the first port of call for discovering and booking outstanding local musicians throughout the world; to become Airbnb for live music.

We're proud that we have received consistent 5-star reviews on Facebook and Google.

As well as offering only a carefully curated selection of hand-picked bands and musicians, we strive to provide world-class customer service so you can book with complete confidence. See what our clients say in our verified reviews.

You can read more about FixTheMusic and their team of Ed, Adam & Zazie here.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Hiring a Ceilidh Band for Your Wedding or Event...
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does it cost to hire a ceilidh band?

Ceilidh bands usually charge about 300 GBP (about 330 EUR) per musician, so a trio would cost roughly 900 GBP (about 1,000 EUR) and a 4-piece ceilidh band would cost approximately 1,200 GBP (about 1,320 EUR). As with all musicians, price depends on several factors, not least how far they will need to travel to reach your venue. Bands will generally quote an all-in price (which includes all expenses) or quote their performance fee with expenses clearly detailed.

How long do ceilidh bands perform for at weddings and events?

They usually perform 2 or 3 sets of 45-minutes, or something similar to this. Any longer is not recommended as the live music at any event should not be overused or it doesn't have maximum effect. Also consider that performing ceilidh music (and indeed the dancing that goes with it!) is a physical activity for both musicians and guests. Breaks in between sets can be around 30 minutes.

What music do ceilidh bands perform?

They perform the standard ceilidh dances, from the Scottish and Irish traditions. Famous dances include The Dashing White Sergeant, The Gay Gordons, Strip the Willow, Cumberland Square Eight, Canadian Barn Dance, Highland Schottische, The Military Two Step and the Pride of Erin Waltz. Other popular ceilidh tunes/dances include St Bernard’s Waltz, Rebecca’s Roundabout, The Big Set Mixer, The Oxo Reel, La Rouse, Cottagers Jig and The Eightsome Reel.

Do they perform pop & rock covers like a standard wedding band do?

About half of ceilidh bands just perform the traditional Scottish and Celtic dances, but some also perform pop & rock covers...these bands are often referred to as "Ceilidh and Covers Bands". They tend to perform a set of traditional music followed by a pop & rock party set to finish the night off.

Most of my guests aren't experienced ceilidh dancers. Will the ceilidh band teach my guests the dances?

Yes! Nearly all ceilidh bands feature a "caller" who will guide your guests through the moves. The band will usually take a few minutes to explain the dances, followed by the actual performance. The caller explaining the dances is a really fun and interactive part of the entertainment, and of course, it means that less experienced guests can take to the dance floor!

Do ceilidh bands bring their own equipment?

Ceilidh bands will bring all of their own instruments, and sometimes their own PA system and lighting. However, this is not always the case, so you may need to provide a PA system and lighting based on their specifications. Most bands usually charge less if they require the client to provide some equipment.

Which musical instruments do ceilidh bands consist of?

There is a huge amount of variety in the instrumentation of ceilidh bands. Most bands will include a violin (fiddle), an acoustic guitar and a drum kit to set the rhythm. However, several other instruments are often added, including accordion, piano or keyboard, bagpipes, flute or tin whistle and bass guitar.

How much space does ceilidh dancing require?

The band itself will require about 3m by 5m area, but ceilidh dancing takes up a lot of space...much more than a typical disco dance floor, so it's best to clear away tables and chairs to provide the maximum space available.

Do ceilidh bands take requests?

There are only a handful of ceilidh dances, and bands will know their repertoire to a very high standard. It's best to leave the set list to the band's own. discretion. For ceilidh and covers bands, they may be able to accommodate some requests in their covers set.

Can I see the ceilidh band performing live before I book?

In general, ceilidh bands perform at private events like weddings and parties, so it can be difficult to see them performing live before booking. Sometimes, ceilidh bands perform at public events, so they will let you know about this so that you can attend.

How long does a ceilidh last?

Ceilidhs usually last about 2.5 hours. There will be breaks in between the dancing, and each dance will be taught to you by the caller to begin with. You don't have to take part in every ceilidh dance, but of course we'd recommend doing so if you have enough energy!

How many people do you need for a ceilidh?

Ceilidh dancing usually requires about 25-30 guests to be on the dance floor simultaneously, so we would recommend that your wedding or party should have about 50-60 guests in attendance, as some guests won't want to dance, or only take part in a few dances.

Can ceilidh bands perform outdoors?

In general, ceilidh bands perform indoors, next to the dance floor at your wedding venue. However, ceilidh bands can play outdoors, provided that they have cover from the elements (for example, a marquee) and access to a safe power supply. Even if the weather is good, ceilidh bands will need cover from direct sunlight as this can damage their musical instruments.