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About Our Carefully Curated Selection of Christmas Party Bands Available for Hire in the UK

Hiring a covers band or professional DJ for your UK Christmas party is a great way to reward your staff for all their hard work throughout the year. Christmas balls at hotels are particularly popular in througout the UK and a live function band can really bring the party to life!

The UK is home to numerous superb party bands and DJs, and we’ve invited the best to join FixTheMusic. They all have vast experience at office parties and corporate functions and will happily tailor their set list to include festive songs for your Christmas event.

All of the musicians are of the highest quality and available to be booked securely through FixTheMusic for your Xmas-themed company bash.

Looking for live music for your Christmas party in the UK can be a time-consuming task so let us do the hard work!

Submit an enquiry to receive offers directly from our hand-picked professional bands and DJs. FixTheMusic is not an agency – you are always in direct contact with bands via our messaging system. When you've made your choice, you can book and pay securely on FixTheMusic.

Christmas party bands on FixTheMusic have public liability insurance and PAT tested equipment.

View Our List of the UK's Most Popular Christmas Party Bands

All of the party bands below have vast experience of performing at Christmas parties throughout the UK...

View Some of Our Most Popular Cover Bands Performing Live...

If you're looking to hire a brilliantly fun and charismatic band for your wedding, you've come to the right place.

FixTheMusic is free to use – we're a secure platform for liaising with and booking outstanding musicians worldwide.

On their profiles, you can watch their videos, read their verified reviews from clients on FixTheMusic, view recent event photos and enquire with them directly.

Wedding bands on FixTheMusic have public liability insurance and PAT tested equipment.

Here are some of our most in-demand function bands performing live...

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Christmas Party Band in the UK?

The average price of a Christmas party band for an event in the UK is £1,895. This is for a 5-piece function band hired for a Christmas event. The exact price will vary depending on a number of factors, such as the location of the Christmas party, how large the band is (e.g. a 10-piece band will be more expensive than a 3-piece rock band), how long the band performs for, and any specific song requests.

4 Tips on Hiring Live Christmas Party Music on a Budget

Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year for our bands and musicians. In this blog post, we’ll provide a few handy tips to ensure you get the best live entertainment for your festive bash...even if you’re on a budget.

1. Book your band early!

At FixTheMusic, we receive numerous requests in November and December from clients looking for live music for their corporate Christmas party. By this time, there will likely only be a handful of professional bands still free – reducing the options available to you and meaning you’ll be less likely to receive a range of prices.

Our best bands are booked for Christmas events a year or more in advance, often for repeat clients who rely on hiring the same band each year.

We recommend enquiring during summer at the latest to ensure you have a good range of live musicians to choose from.

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2. Consider a solo singer or duo

Many of our solo singer-guitarists and duos use clever technology (such as looping pedals) to create a sound as large as a 4- or 5-piece band. As there are fewer band members, this can reduce the overall fee drastically.

They still perform the usual pop, rock, indie and classic Christmas tunes, so you’re still going to have guests on the dance floor.

Check out The Tonics for one of our most popular pop duos. They can also add a cajon player or percussionist who doubles up as a DJ for the evening, creating a powerful small band.

3. Hire a local band for your Christmas party

Bands generally require their travel expenses covered by clients when they are booked for weddings or events. Big savings can be made when you hire a local musician rather than one from hundreds of miles away. It also means they are less likely to be caught in Christmas traffic or delayed by bad winter weather.

If your event is taking place at a venue in a small town or village, search for bands based in the nearest large town or city, as that is where most professional musicians tend to work.

The London Orleans Band is a unique ensemble that plays current and classic pop hits as well as New Orleans Mardi Gras music and Christmas songs and carols...

View more videos and read verified reviews of The London Orleans Band ➡️

4. Finish your party by midnight

Most bands perform 2 x 45 minute sets of live music with a pre-recorded DJ service in between and after their sets until midnight. If they are asked to provide their services until later into the night (e.g. to 1am), then there is usually an additional charge for this.

Ready to find a band or DJ for your own Christmas party? Give us a few details about the event and you’ll have musicians sending you their quotes in a few hours.

Top Tips on Hiring Your Christmas Party Band

Book early!

You might think that because your Christmas party is on a Tuesday in December that you'll be able to hire your band for the evening at the last minute. But we've noticed that each year, there are certain dates in December that always become especially popular – which means that demand for bands is exceptionally high on these dates.

Establish your budget first

During the festive season, you can usually expect to pay a little bit extra for a function band when compared to their normal prices.

Watch videos and read reviews of the party bands

It's not usually possible to see function bands performing live, as they mostly perform at weddings and other private events. So it's best to check out their videos. Most bands will have a mix of professional promo videos, as well as live footage from real Christmas parties they've been booked for in the past. Bands should also be able to provide you with reviews and testimonials from previous clients, whether from last year's Christmas parties or other corporate events.

Think about what music you want played in between and after the party band's live sets

Most Christmas party bands will provide 2 x 60 minutes of live music. You'll normally be able to request a mixture of pop covers and festive Christmas tunes. In between these live sets and afterwards until the end of the party, most bands will provide a laptop playlist service, where they will use the band's PA system (speakers) to play pre-recorded music. You might want to build your own playlist and provide this to the band in advance of the event, maybe by consulting with colleagues or friends about any particular Xmas favourites they want to hear on the night.

Consider what other kinds of Christmas entertainment you want for the party

As well as live music and a party band for your Christmas event, you might want to hire other types of Christmas entertainment. For example, many of our bands can also provide photo booths, magic mirrors, live karaoke, or a DJ and sax set.

Do you want background music or music for your guests to dance to?

Most of the enquiries we receive are for live function bands to perform at the evening Christmas party. However, we also provide live bands for earlier in the day, for example during the Christmas dinner or champagne drinks reception, you might want some background jazz music.

3 Unusual Office Christmas Party Entertainment Ideas

The annual company staff Christmas party doesn’t have to resemble something from The Office, the mockumentary sitcom featuring anti-hero management guru David Brent.

What is the purpose of an office Christmas party? Surely the answer is to bring staff together, to give them space to let their hair down, to encourage bonding that might not be possible during the working week, and to reward their hard work done throughout the year.

Browse Party Bands

Those of you that work in a corporate environment will know that office parties can often be dull and uninspiring.

Good music can bring people closer together. It gets people out of their chairs and onto the dance floor – ok, alcohol also helps in this regard!

But truly great live music at your Christmas party can elevate your event from damp squib to something that will be talked about fondly for the following months until the next yuletide bash.

The trend for live music at weddings and events in recent years is shifting towards the more unusual and unique, which lends itself well to themed events. A couple of ideas for Christmas party entertainment could be a Mariachi band for a festive Mexican themed event, or a vintage jazz band for a 1920s Great Gatsby themed winter wonderland party.

So without further ado, here are our three unusual live music ideas for your Christmas party...

1. Hire a Mariachi band

Acoustic musicians who wander amongst your guests whilst performing an eclectic mix of pop songs in a traditional Mexican style. Check out Sonora Mariachi Band who perform a wide mix of Mexican-inspired pop covers.

Mariachi bands can really add a colourful and festive twist to an office Christmas party. Most are able to perform some of the famous Christmas pop covers, as well as Feliz Navidad, the beautiful Latin Christmas song written by Puerto Rican singer & songwriter José Feliciano.

Here are some videos of one of our finest Mariachi bands performing live, The London Mariachi Band...

2. Book a Saxophonist & DJ

From background (jazz/lounge) to upbeat pop & house music, this is usually a saxophonist improvising alongside a DJ. Our most popular sax, DJ and percussion option is Fusion Girls, whose house beats and interactive sax player are guaranteed to fill your dance floor.

The saxophone is the ideal accompaniment to most styles of music performed by our DJs, from Motown, funk, soul, jazz and disco, right through to classic and current house.

A roaming saxophonist performing alongside a DJ creates a huge amount of energy drawing your guests onto the dance floor and recreating the good vibes of an Ibiza party.

Our DJs and sax players are all consummate professionals who have been performing for several years on the UK and international club scene.

Here are some videos of Fusion Girls performing live...

3. Go back in time with a vintage act

A fun, vintage-­style act can bring a unique twist to a large repertoire, from rock 'n' roll and R&B to skiffle classics from the ’50s and ’60s. Lucky Numbers Swing Band tick all the boxes – with a wide repertoire of vintage-twinged jazz, swing and pop hits from throughout the ages.

The core element of their music is based on the 1920s swing style, including classic swing songs such as the Charleston, "It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing" and "Is you is or is you ain't my baby".

However, they also cater for a larger audience by performing up to date chart songs by artists such as George Ezra, Beyonce, Pharrell Williams, Daft Punk and many more.

Here are some videos of Lucky Numbers Swing Band performing live...

Receive quotes from party bands

Of course, hiring a top-quality cover band or party band is also a good choice for your office Christmas party. The classic male-fronted indie rock covers band is a popular choice at present – they can usually perform anything from the Foo Fighters to Ed Sheeran.

Cover bands are able to blast out the Christmas pop classics from “Fairytale of New York” and Wham’s “Last Christmas” to Slade’s “Merry Xmas Everybody” and Wizzard’s “I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday”.

On FixTheMusic, we have an incredible selection of unique and interesting hand-picked acts who are in great demand to entertain at festive parties.

You can submit an enquiry to receive offers directly from available bands in your local area. FixTheMusic is free to use – the price you agree with musicians is the price you pay.

So if you’re looking for live music to really entertain your staff this December, and to create a truly memorable evening for all, go for something a bit different and unusual to take the humble office Christmas party to the next level!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Hiring a Party Band or Wedding Band...

FixTheMusic provides bands for thousands of weddings and private events each year across Europe and worldwide. We've put together some Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about hiring a wedding band, a few of which are listed below:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How early should I book a wedding band?

You should aim to book your band as soon as possible. Most of our best wedding bands have bookings at least two years in advance. If your wedding is on a Saturday in May, June, July, August or September, you should really be looking to book at least a year in advance of your date. This is because most weddings fall on a Saturday during summer so our bands receive the most enquiries for these days. That said, there are more and more weddings taking place on Sundays and mid-week (especially on Thursdays and Fridays) so it’s best not to wait too long before locking down your band.

Can I see wedding bands perform live before I book?

Usually it’s not possible to see the band live. Most professional bands perform at private events only, such as weddings and corporate events. It’s not usually possible for the bands to allow potential clients into these venues to watch them perform. It is occasionally possible so there’s no harm in asking. And sometimes wedding bands will do the odd gig at a pub or festival that’s open to the public.

How long do most wedding bands perform for?

Most bands play 2 x 45 minute or 2 x 1 hour live sets at weddings. Some bands will play for longer than this. The bands will usually tell you how long their sets are when they provide you with their quote.

What happens between and after the wedding band's live sets?

Most bands provide a “laptop DJ” service. This isn’t the same as providing the service of a professional DJ who reads the room and adapts to the feel on the night. Instead, they will have a playlist (usually on something like Spotify or iTunes) that they play out of their PA system. It's worth checking the details of this with the band, as some wedding bands only provide the live music and prefer to leave the rest of the evening's music to the couple or a professional DJ.

Can I choose the music that the wedding band plays in between and after their live sets?

Yes, usually you can send the band a list of requests before the wedding and the band will download them onto their laptop or device, ready to play on the night. Alternatively, you can compile a playlist and bring your own device to plug into the band’s PA system. You should check this with the band first, as not all bands are comfortable with others using their own equipment.

What songs will wedding bands play?

Most bands have a repertoire of songs that they perform regularly at weddings. This will be a tried-and-tested playlist that they know works well at weddings: it appeals to guests of all ages and keeps people on the dance floor. The set list will change throughout the year, as the band adds and removes songs.

Will the wedding band learn my first dance song?

Yes! Most bands will be delighted to learn your first dance song and perform it live for you on your wedding night. If it doesn’t fit the band’s style, then they might suggest you use the recorded version of the song and the band will play this out of their PA system.

Can I give a list of songs to the band to play at my wedding?

Most bands will usually learn one song for your wedding that isn’t already in their setlist. Some bands will offer to learn 2 or 3 new songs, but in our experience they are rarely able to learn more than this. It can be very time consuming for the band to learn and rehearse new songs, and especially so for singers to learn all the new lyrics.

Can I indicate my song preferences to the wedding band?

Yes. Most bands will be happy for you to indicate which songs from their set list you dislike and don’t want them to play, and songs that you like and absolutely want them to play on the night. The band will usually then build their setlist around these preferences.

What time will the wedding band arrive?

Most bands aim to arrive at around 5pm to be ready to play by 7pm. During this time they will set up their equipment and carry out a sound check, essential to making sure the volume of the band is appropriate to your venue and that any sound / noise limiters are taken into account.

Can the wedding band turn up earlier than that?

Yes, most bands will be happy to turn up earlier than 5pm, but you should expect to pay them for the extra time. A lot of wedding couples worry about the band setting up while guests are at the venue. Bands with lots of experience of weddings should be able to set up discreetly and without making too much noise and mess. The noisiest part is when they have to carry out the sound check, but this should only last about 15 - 30 minutes.

What time will the wedding band finish?

Most bands expect to finish by midnight. This suits most weddings as the majority of venues require live music to stop by this time.

Can the wedding band stay later than midnight?

Usually, yes, the band can finish after midnight. But bands will normally charge a slightly higher fee for this later finish, and this should be arranged with the band in advance.

Can I use the wedding band’s PA system after midnight?

Usually, yes. Though this will also attract a slightly higher fee, as it means that at least one band member has to wait until the end of the party to pack up the PA system and head home. Some band members might be a couple of hours’ drive away from your venue, so finishing at 1am means they won’t arrive home until 3am or 4am.

Will the wedding band bring their own equipment?

Yes. Professional wedding bands will bring their own equipment. This includes a PA system, mixing desk, some basic lighting for the dance floor and their own instruments. If you are planning a particularly large wedding with hundreds of guests, you might consider hiring in a larger PA system and more lighting. Not all bands in Europe provide their own equipment (e.g. they might not bring lighting), so you may wish to check this before booking.

Do wedding bands need a stage?

No. Most bands are happy to perform without a stage, though it can look special if you can offer them a stage to perform on.

If I do provide a stage, how much space will the wedding band need?

This will depend on the size of the band of course, but to give you a rough idea, a 4-piece band would usually need at least 5m x 4m. This is to provide room for not only the band members themselves, but also their instruments (keyboards and drum kits take up quite a bit of space) and other things like speakers and a mixing desk.

Can I or my guests perform or sing with the wedding band?

If you ask the band in advance, most will be happy to allow you or one of your guests to sing or play along with them for one or two songs. We always advise checking this with your band first.

Do I need to hire a DJ as well as a wedding band?

Most bands will provide pre-recorded playlists between and after their live sets, so your entire evening will be covered. However, if you want a professional DJ who will adapt his music choices on the night and interact with guests, then it’s better to hire a DJ as well.

If I do hire a separate DJ, can the wedding band and DJ share equipment?

Bands and DJs will often share the same PA system, as it can look cluttered to have two sets of speakers around the dance floor. However, you’ll need to discuss this with both the DJ and band before the event to check the equipment suits everyone’s requirements and that everyone is happy to share. One problem can arise when the DJ is booked to provide music into the small hours, but the band is to finish at 11pm. In this case, it would make more sense for the band to use the DJ’s equipment to save the band having to wait until the DJ had finished his set.

Do I need to provide anything for the wedding band?

Professional wedding bands will normally bring all their own technical equipment and instruments. However, most will expect to be provided with a hot meal each and soft drinks. The musicians will probably have left their homes around lunchtime to arrive at your venue in good time to set up and soundcheck. It can be a long day for them and they will be much more energetic on stage if they’ve had a good meal and refreshments before performing for you. The bands won’t expect to be given the same meal as you provide for your guests. Most wedding venues have an option you can purchase in advance for your suppliers or you can give the musicians access to your buffet if you’re having one.

Will the wedding band members be the same as the ones I’ve seen in their videos?

Not always. Most professional bands will have a core group that plays at the majority of weddings they are booked for. However, they will also have a group of deputies (or “deps” as they are known in the industry) that they call upon frequently to cover for band members. This is a standard and essential practice in the music industry. Most musicians work as freelancers, meaning they might work for different function bands or tour with famous pop groups for example. Being able to draw upon a deputy musician to cover a band member who is unavailable (or ill) means the rest of the band can still work.

What do wedding bands wear?

You should get a good idea of what the band wears from their videos online. Most will opt for a smart shirt, but if you have a particular theme or any requests, let them know well in advance. For example, if you’re having an 80s style wedding, you might want to check if the band could wear appropriate clothing to match!

Will the wedding band need parking spaces?

Most bands will arrive by car as it’s the easiest way for them to bring their equipment and instruments. Having 1 or 2 parking spaces available for them to use that are close to the venue will be appreciated by the musicians. In certain cities such as London, you might also need to cover the costs of parking.

Can wedding bands play outside?

If you’re getting married in Europe, it’s a good idea to make the most of the summer months and have as much of your wedding outside if possible. That said, the weather isn’t always the most reliable – so whilst many bands will be happy to play outside in principle, they will always require access to a shelter from the elements, whether that’s strong sunlight or rain. Musicians’ instruments can be worth thousands of pounds and a small amount of water damage or sun can have a devastating impact on the instrument.

Do I need a contract with my wedding band?

The most secure way to book a band is to do so via FixTheMusic. All bookings are governed by the agreement on our website, which is based on the Musicians Union standard contract and amended by the particular details that you agree with your band by email (date, venue etc.). The contract provides protection to both parties.
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